Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 56: Final Saturday - and it's Jilly-time! :)

Today we had 8 a.m. class with Jason Winn, uber-up-there yogi in the Bikram community, he teaches advanced series seminars, as well as does talks, week-long seminars in Costa Rica and comes here to teacher training. Class was just fine, he’s a great teacher. I wondered if he did anything special since we are teachers-to-be, according to Todd, who has taken his class plenty in Laguna Beach, said it was pretty much his ‘normal’ class.

I had a crazy burst of mega-anger after finishing my second Camel. It was really intense, and I cried through both Rabbits and stretching, but I was ok with it. The last couple days have been a little rough on me for various reasons and I'm a little bummed I've let things steal my peace. That said, it is also a lesson to reiterate to yourself your intentions, know they aren't bad, and then stick to your guns. I've always struggled with this concept - as many of us do - worrying about what others think of us. And though I've come long and far, I still feel this is a battle one never quite wins - or at least I don't. So, we'll just keep it on the "in-progress" list and carry on. Observe it, don't judge, and let the emotion come...and then let it go.

Just before Jill was to arrive, I got myself a fab haircut from Ren, the senior teacher who works at headquaters and taught us earlier in the week. Downstairs, I waited for just a few minutes and then my girl was here! It was surreal, seeing her jump out of the shuttle and be here, in this place, somewhat out of context. Funny though, we've kept pretty well connected and in a lot of ways, she's been here with me/for me all along. Of course, having her here in real life rules.

I moved out of my room with Christian into a new room with Jill, which is a corner room with a giant balcony and a view of the golf course (and a peek-a-boo ocean view). It's really lovely, and we settled into it nicely before heading for a walk around the 'compound,' lunch and poolside relaxation. It was just so cool to look over and see her, right there, with me! I can't quite get out how happy this makes me :)

Christian and I did great as roommates. Honestly, one cranky moment after a particularly shit class was as bad as it got in 8 weeks and the rest of the time it was just about helping each other get through and we did it for each other really well! It appears we'll still be friends when we get home too, though I think I need to confirm that with him :)

Dinner was in the downtown yet-unexplored area with Christian, Morgan (Jill's enjoyed her blog a lot), Jennifer & Todd. We had a nice dinner by the water with a lovely view. After, we headed to the mall for a quick visit, and then headed back 'home' hitting they hay around 11 p.m. The room next door to us apparently had an early riser as its last inhabitant as the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. - good times. I called the front desk and it was taken care of fairly quickly. Oy.

Not too much else to report, poor Jill is having to meet everyone under the sun and try to remember who and what and where and all that about them, so we have little reviews or I remind her of references I've made and it all comes clear. There are a lot of people here I realize! Anyhow, we're headed off to class in the morning at 11 a.m., or that's the plan, anyhow...

Today's Pix: Above, me and Jill! Class #85 (no, I'm not giving birth...)! Ren & my hair; a 'found object' Viva Mexico! and a blurry group dinner photo taken by the waiter.

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~ Me said...

What others think of us...I am so glad you mentioned this. It is a huge personal struggle for me and it is the one thing I have not found peace for in my yoga. Yoga cured so many things for me... but not this...well not yet. Glad to know I am not alone.