Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 39: Bikram on the Beach??

Is that Bikram sunbathing in a g-string? At first, er, blush, many who looked thought this was Bikram! It wasn't, but a lot of fun was had by all as my camera was passed around the lecture hall acting 'as if'....

Yesterday was jam-packed with lecture from Rajashree who packed in 8 hours or so of going through the therapeutic benefits of each posture, along with possible modifications for injury/physical limitations. It's the kind of stuff I ponied up the cash to get, so I was excited (though all were a bit sleepy in the evening lecture which started at 9 p.m., and ended at 12:30 a.m.). I took a lot of notes and plan to integrate hers with Craig's, who also does a little talk about the mechanics/common beginner errors of each posture.

Yoga classes today were wicked challenging. I was in the front (I had my choice of rows 1, 2 or 3). I took front row both classes, after a week or so in the back rows, it was odd to see myself right there but also good to remember why the mirror is your friend. Some postures (pretty much most of the standing) really allow you to correct and fine-tune things. And also, it's just good to really look at yourself all through class, it minimizes distractions (there aren't 2, 4 or more rows worth of people between you and it) and forces a certain level of attention out of me that is really intense. And, intense it was as I blew through all my water in both classes - normally at this point I drink only at the natural water breaks; but today I was clinging a bit to my orange tower'o'shame. I'm ok with it though - it was an exception, not a pattern, and it helped me to stay on my feet and not miss any of the ... fun.

Some crazy things are happening for me in class too - well, 'crazy' is a term I use loosely. For one, I'm finding myself getting excited for the 5 p.m. class....looking forward to it. Partially to move around since we sit so much in between, but moreso to truly get to practice. We're learning all this cool stuff and I want a chance to implement it, or see what it is for my body, or not... Another aspect is how body-aware I'm becoming - feeling teeny tiny muscles in my hips that I don't think I ever knew how to access before! I am bumming out about my residual fat areas left over from being overweight, because as my legs and arms get more and more toned, those areas seem more and more...obvious. I am in love with some postures I used to despise (Balancing Stick! really?!?!) And I'm continually stunned by some of the strength that seems to pop out of me from I-don't-know-where. It's good stuff, and I'm working to just take it all in without a lot of reaction or judgment (though, most of it makes me happy! and I know that's a judgment)...

From here, only 16 full days and 3 Saturdays to go until graduation day! That is hard to believe. Tomorrow morning is class #60! We'll be doing a total of 94, so nearly two-thirds of the way is done. People here have had no alcohol for nearly 7 weeks, no sex (in most cases) and Week 6 to me is feeling like (along with Week 5) getting over the hump, seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and knowing that we're all gonna make it at this point! Yee-haw!

p.s. My friend Christopher whom has recently become addicted to Bikram Yoga sent me an email with this phrase in it, which I loved: I got a triple-shrooms-runner's-high doing camel (the first set).
Class #58, with mat-mate Tyrone in the background - we listen to our iPods, share music, and generally encourage each other!; bonus photo with Blog-reader Craig from Honolulu who is here for re-certification;Lecture hall before lecture; Rajashree's leture, with Sarah doing a no-hands Standing Head to Knee (!!!!)and Raj doing Triangle; Traction in Balancing Stick; Class #59 (steamy lens);Bikram says farewell until the 21st.


mishkabaz1 said...

Jenn- Michelle from Vegas. I love that you have not given up on this blog. I read it everyday! Thanks for giving us such a great idea of what to expect when WE go to training **someday**.
You are doing awesome, and I can really see a difference in your pictures the past two're really toning up. Enjoy your new body! :)

MoYogi said...

um, that picture of the Bikram lookalike is pure comedy. love it.

Lauren said...

Hi Jenn! I'm so thankful for your posts, and I respect the challenge that you're going through. It's funny that I read your posts daily, and I always want to say something insightful that will give you some inspiration to push onward. I don't know the best way to say it, but THANK YOU SO MUCH AND NAMASTE! With your inspiration and a lot of introspection, I had my first "water free" class tonight. Thank you for helping me let go of the water. When I restrained myself tonight, I realized that the H20 wasn't a need, it was a "want." I had an amazing class. Go Jenn Go!

Jenise said...

Hey Jenn! Still loving the blog!! You look so amazing, glowing from the inside/out! Keep up the great work, you are almost there!! Thanks again for some great tips, I loved the idea of the lavender on the washcloth! It will be a defo when I go in Fall! You have inspired me with all your input, and with all the response you are getting, others are thankful too! Maybe you can come over to Ireland and teach some classes??? Keep on writing :)