Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 38: Another Day At YogaCamp

Today wasn't terribly exciting in terms of news. We had just sort of a nice normal day...Yoga class in the morning was taught by this guy Mark whom I was hoping to have for class. He was just right - motivating but not mean, energetic but not too perky. Then off to buffet...I eat the same thing every day. I like it though, and it's ok because it's working for me! Hung out with a friend who was having a bad day after lunch for a while, and then Rajashree lectured.

We've all been looking forward to her lecture, and it was very interesting. It was called "Yoga, Science & Spirituality" and she talked about just that. It talked about how Yoga has been proven to help certain diseases, about the Chakras and related topics. It was good, but because she and Bikram have to go to India for Bishu's funeral, she is packing everything in to two 4-hour lectures, which feel long/like a lot to absorb. It's ok though, we all enjoy her a lot.

I got a stomach ache - the kind where it seems all of my torso muscles seize up and contract - just before 5 p.m. class. Before class started, I hung out with mat-mates Missy and Ty and we all kicked it with our iPods, sharing music and goofing around - it was great, took my mind off my tummy and I ended up having a nice practice. When it came time for spine-strengthening and I flopped over on my belly, I was not exactly having the time of my life, but when is Locust fun??

Tonight brought another lecture from Bikram after Craig talked about a couple of postures. We were there until midnight, when a girl asked a question which spurned another 30+ minutes. I would've hidden in the bathroom afterwards if I was her...people were not pleased! I was falling asleep, which while I'm usually tired, I'm not one to doze off most of the time. Christian woke me up to avoid being called out, which was nice. We all do this for each other now, because if Bikram sees you, he has someone wake you up and then calls you names.

Otherwise, all is well, just plugging along! My body is holding up just fine - my toes are peeling which is weird, and while many here have severe acne break-outs, I've had just a few and have been working to make sure I'm taking good care of my skin. Though I've cut back on some of my food, energy is still 'up.' For sure I'm tired, but still not exhausted. The sore throat that teased me is gone, though I'm just a little tiny bit stuffed up - it's ok though, seems like I got a "head cold light" and that is fine by me. High-5 for loads of Vitamin C, and prayers.
Pix: Above, Group 14, the FUN group! (that's our self-imposed tagline); Classes #56; Lecture with Raj; Class #57; Bikram in posture, he only could hold it a second and I got the shot; massage train (Bernadette told Luke, in her gruff French accent, "Oh, you too high!" it was cute).

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