Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 32: HALF WAY!!!!!!!!!!

We're all a little stunned that we're at the half way point. For those who have struggled, they're like "oh God, now I have to do the same thing again...." and for some, it's "The monotony is killing me" and still others, "It's all downhill from here!" I'd say I'm between the last two - I don't really believe "it's all downhill" as I think like anything, there'll be considerable ups and downs on the way down this side of the mountain. I'm from the Northwest, I've been on a hike or two, and sometimes going down is way harder (or at least more painful) than climbing up. So I'm just staying open, being as honest as I can be with myself, and plugging away (pacing pacing pacing)!

I had a terrible morning class. It was just so hot, I know I say that, but really, some days that room is crazy stagnant, and others not as much. Mornings are just rougher, and after our fairly pleasant afternoon class (turns out, the heat was lower and the air was up, making it have some semblance of normalcy) the morning seemed doubly brutal. Lots of people struggled, just seemed a rough one. Then yummy lunch. Then I talked to Jill, we hadn't talked for two days and I just missed her, and with Bikram back our schedule is random, so I took the hour since I knew my dialogue for today and tomorrow. Then posture clinic. I did my "Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose" dialogue...

Afternoon class was said to be taught by Bikram but ultimately was not. That was ok with me, and we had a "just fine" kinda class. It was good.

Craig scolded us the other day for so many people bolting from the room after class and not taking a proper savasana. It's funny, because I spent some time this past weekend really looking at this experience, and for me, ways I could amp it up. I mean, it's hard - don't get me wrong - but I'm feeling settled, and I didn't come here to be comfortable. I will write more about this later, because I came up with a few things to do to make it more challenging and really be sure to get my money's worth!

For now though, a couple of the simpler things I came up with included taking a longer savasana. "But Jenn, you are just laying on your back! Why is that hard????" Ah, come to Bikram's torture chamber. After a rough class, it is very appealing to just run (literally) screaming (virtually) from the room. After this mornings brutal class, for example, I wanted to get up and run as soon as I heard "Namaste" but I was true to myself and stayed put. Luke, one of the senior teachers, once suggested that we stay in savasana until we no longer have to leave. "Once I don't need to leave, I can leave. It's that simple." So I've been doing that. As soon as I'm not attached to leaving, I can go. It's hard, and it's adding a new layer of challenge because sometimes I just want to get going, sometimes I've struggled and want out, and sometimes, I'm just bored. But I'm committed to staying. It's a little sacrifice, too as it takes up the time I was using to swim and play, but I think it's a better spend of my time in terms of what I'm really here for...

Tonight was a press conference and yoga demonstration for the Mexican press. It was cool - I plan to do a post this weekend that will show all 26 postures in order! Super cool. For now, there's one or two below for your fun and enjoyment. Posture clinic last night, and I did Tree & Toe Stand, went well - I'm starting to connect a little more to the students! Happy day!

Yoga demos; Me and Seon (like See-own); me and Nikki; Classes #47 & #48.


sparkle said...

I love your blog so much. I practice and teach yoga and it's been great reading about your experience. I've been inspired and have tried to inspire my students with this energy.

I have a question about the training. I am familiar with Bikram's 26 poses, but I was wondering how other poses are addressed. Like in your recent photos I often see Bikram students in different poses and was wonder how they fit in in the big scheme of things.

just another one of your cheerleaders/fans

mishkabaz1 said...

Michelle from Vegas. Congrats on pluggin' away and getting to the halfway point.
And thanks for the pics. Teachers from my studio have been going down there and when they get back I always tell them about your blog. I can now picture where they were!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being 1/2 way through. Thanks (and congrats) for being so consistent on the blogging too -that's just as much of a discipline as the yoga.

I look forward to the next 1/2 half of your entries!