Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day 42: Saturday, finally...

Happy Saturday! This is my short post/blog day-off :)

Pix for today, because that's all yer gettin'. I'm tired! Seriously, I had a great day! The rundown:

Pool, dialogue, the new Death Cab album
Mega, Gelato & Espresso with some 14'ers
Quick spa visit
Unexpected dinner at 100% natural with unexpected (fun!) peeps
Dialogue in the lobby (Camel!! I'm on Camel!) until 2 a.m., also unexpected but productive.

The amazing Pineapple dish at 100% Natural; Class #64; the (i-hope-never-eat-a-buffet-again-after-june-8) buffet; kid in a waterfall; me; gelato.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Don't let anyone steal your peace. It's yours...keep a tight grab on it, hold it, and don't even blink your eyes ;0) Much Love for You, Jenn!