Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 28: Aiming to Relax...

I had a really nice Saturday, and though I have a ton to write about, I'm pooped and just enjoyed a day off...perhaps even from my blog. Tomorrow I'll make it up, promise. The quick rundown:

- Saturday a.m. class *not* with Craig! Jim taught again, and though going over a full 20 minutes, I didn't even notice. He's a good guy. I had a nice, challenging standing series and an ass-kicking floor series (surprised the heck outta me!).
- My swim in the ocean ruled.
- Lunch really ruled.
- I went to Mega, the local grocery, it was nice. I tried on a bathing suit in a nearby shop that I can't stop thinking about and will likely return to buy, whilst on my way to Starbucks (which I haven't hit yet!!!!) for a big fat soy mocha.
- I got 3 postures done today!!! Aiming for 3 more tomorrow (I'm up through toe stand!!! Savasana and the sit-up don't count...)
- Had fun meaningful chats by the pool, separately, with 3 young Canadian women who are here with me in training.
- My virgin Pina Colada ruled. As did the Guacamole and chips, all consumed by the pool.
- There are no less than 1000 kids/families here this weekend for the Mexican holiday.
- Practiced postures with Bonnie & Luke, fun and productive and funny too.
- Room service disaster, but my Snapper was pretty decent.
- Had a really nice, long, lovely chat with Jill just before bed :)

More tomorrow!

Above: how 'bout that backbend? Now if I can just my arms back, way back, fall back, go back, more back....!!!!; Tiger-short day; teacher Jim (check those tattoos!); Class #43, check!; Cute Mexican girl in diaper; Sangeeta's baby girl, Edie, who just arrived from the UK for a 2-week stay; "Couples Yoga" while waiting for the van that never showed up; the pool; and my pal Niki, from Vancouver.

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Virginie Marley said...

Hi there Jen,

Just a big big thank you all the way from Australia! Your blog is fantastic, thank you so very much for sharing with us what BTT is like. I looove the logistic details, the introspection and the pic after each class! What determination in your eyes! You're a CHAMPION!!
I'm relatively new to Bikram, but TT is definitely in the plan probably in the next 18 months or so, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again for sharing this amaxing crazy experience with the rest of us mortals!!

Virginie Marley
Brisbane, Australia