Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 55: The Last Friday

Wow. So today was our last Friday of training. Bikram's daughter graduates high school next Saturday, so our graduation was moved up to Friday morning (we knew this before we came, but for me, it was after my plane ticket purchase). 

Anyhow, a few thoughts for this Friday:

1) Food Choices Have Gone Down Hill... As of around Week 5, snacks in Posture Clinics went from raisins  and nuts to chips and chocolate. Same at the buffet - plates of salad or stir fry/rice have been replaced with piles of pancakes with whipped cream and apples cooked in syrup. Yep, we are getting close.

2) Hook-Up Central, Here. Now that everyone is done with dialogue, seems that things are steaming up here at yoga camp. Couples are forming, roommates disappearing, people telling me how the poolside chairs aren't working out so great. :) It seems people are also figuring it's now or never. So, for many, it seems to 

3) Today was the last Friday! Wow. I just needed to say that again. Next week Bikram will be lecturing pretty much all week, going through the postures with specific information on each one. Also, we'll get a demo of the advanced series which will be super cool! It's our last weekend with the whole group still here. Jill arrives in the morning!!! She'll get to meet a lot of people, and then next weekend we'll be able to spend time 1:1. 

4) Demo for Graduation: People were selected to do the regular series demo, worked out to be 26 people. Needless to say, they didn't hunt me down to be a part of it ;)

Classes were ok today. This morning was powerful and a good class; this afternoon - not so much. I felt really defeated and disillusioned and ended up having a great practice. Sometimes, it's funny how engaged you are in just doing the yoga when you feel beaten down. 

Craig talked about pitfalls of teaching, and Bikram talked in the afternoon. Tonight was the Talent Show, which sadly, I was not able to participate in due to the content of my piece. :( I'll post it here after training is over! I am going to read it for my group dinner on Sunday night.

That's all for now! I am super excited that Jill gets here shortly after yoga tomorrow morning, which Jason Winn is rumored to be teaching...should be fun!

Class #83; Bikram lecturing; Class #84; Talent show pix!


Julia said...

Horray to having the last Friday complete!! Not long now. Enjoy every moment. Nice to talk with you!

Jenise said...

OMG, Jenn, you look amazing!!! Jill will have nothing to hold when she arrives!! By the way, I'm holding you to that list of things to bring to Mexico! I hope we can keep in touch while I'm going through my transition, and I promise to attend one of your classes when I go to Seattle in the future, maybe go for a marguerita to bring back memories, LOL! Anyway, have a safe journey home and keep us all updated on the teaching end of things!

lily said...

last Friday was amazing wasn´t it... so happy Tereza taught in the morning, she was my teacher in Paris. I only said hi to her after that though (I honestly couldn´t find her before that and she didn´t know I was here), so she almost seemed offended... johannes and claudia, that was just amazing!!! it was so cool that I got to meet your girl the other day, she must be going crazy trying to remember the names of all the trainees she´s meeting though! still can not believe it´s almost over...

lily said...

everything´s just amazing :-)