Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 44: Monday...

Really, that is about all there is to say. Monday. Nothing riveting, nothing earth-shattering. Just a Monday. But I couldn't just post that, now could I?

Morning class was taught by a spunky, pregnant woman named Jessica from NYC. She was great - a lot of the visiting teachers just, well, blend together at this point. There are a couple that stood out as horrible, and a couple that have been noteworthy. Most are just good, solid, Bikram teachers. And that's fine. Afternoon class was another New Yorker, from Brooklyn, Claudia. She was good too. Both of them were tough and bossy, but in that oh-so-good-Bikram way. No complaints.

Today I was in Rows 9-12, the back of the room. I actually took the last row (12, for students, but there are 14 total) because there is a little air there. I found myself drinking a lot of water but not until late in the floor series. I have again been working on water intake. Zeb was next to me and gave me a little "psst!" once and I put it down. I talked to him afterwards and he suggested this: Choose when you will drink before class, up to 5 times but no more.

I thought this to be a great idea. I took it a step further in my mind: Make it like it's part of the posture, that is to say, you have no choice. You wouldn't bust out a Crow or something in a Bikram class, right? You wouldn't do a posture that didn't belong, right? So you wouldn't drink water unless it was part of the class. So I'm going to give it a whirl tomorrow. What's funny is I do have plenty of classes where I drink at the appropriate times:
  • Party Time (after Eagle, and yes, "Party Time" is part of the dialogue!)
  • Once either after Balancing Stick or before Triangle (Bikram offers this one up a lot)
  • At the Savasana
  • "Aqua-sana" (that's what they call it here in Mexico! I find this hilarious every time...) - after spine strengthening as you settle into Fixed Firm
  • And sometimes as we get into final stretching, after Rabbit.

That's 5, and that's acceptable and very often what I do. But I so profoundly disappoint myself when I drink too much water - particularly when I'm having a good class! What is that about!?!? It is a similar feeling to when I used to overeat - I'd feel totally full, but I'd be enjoying the food so much I'd just keep going and going. I feel like this with the water sometimes, and I realize it's a bigger metaphor for life. We all seek comfort, at times of distress of course - but I think for me, I do it when I'm feeling good too and that is (what Craig would call) a pattern, one that I serve vs. the pattern serving me. Again, it's not every class, but whenever I'm feeling down, sad, vulnerable, in pain physically or emotionally I realize I reach for my virtual jug of icy lime water goodness.

Obviously it's a bigger life topic that bears some pondering...but for now, I'm going to work on the iconic angle by trying to question the water and fight it when it's inappropriate. It's not always this way (have I said that enough??) but it reminds me in a way of dieting in the past - I'd do great for days and then blow it, feel terrible about myself, get back on the wagon, do great for days and then blow it, feel terrible...etc. It's a familiar feeling and not a good feeling. And no water is not an option either (i.e., nor was starving myself in the past) - nothing extreme really ever pans out in life, or so I've found. So, I'm going for balance, moderation, and mostly finding a pattern that serves me vs. one that I'm serving! Learning more here everyday....

Special to all you readers coming to Fall 2008 training: I will tell you one secret if you promise me on thing. START LEARNING YOUR DIALOGUE NOW. Now. I'm not kidding. Do not wait. Do one posture a week. Once you get a few into it, it will be much easier! You will still have to re-learn it here and be part of the crazy minutiae that is group dynamic, but you will be confident, get better feedback, be able to help ('start teaching') others, and frankly, stress less and sleep more. Ok, now that I know you've promised me, I will tell you this: Rows 6 & 7. They are the glorious rows. For the first class especially, get there early, go to Row 7, plop down directly underneath one of the air vents in the ceiling. Just do it. The first class is so rough, it's such a different environment. The vents save. Row 12 isn't bad either. Today I'm in rows 1-3, i.e., suffocation central. Oy.
Pix: Classes #65 & #66; posture clinic, oh my! Joshua's half-tortoise, and the batch of proctors, including Craig who slinked in room unnoticed by yours truly.


Daren said...

I must say you're awesome, first being in teacher training, second for taking the time out of all the mayhem and writing down your experiences. Amazing. We have several of our teachers down there from our studio Bikram Yoga The Woodlands, Jessica just went down she's great and Zeb who I imagine is the same Zeb you mentioned. Thanks for the advice for future teachers. (If you meet Jessica, tell her Daren said to give you a "Love Your Camel" shirt, then you can take a photo of it and it will be famous!

AmyPinSeattle said...'s a bit strange how you have become sort of obsessed with the water...did you replace weight and what you are eating with water? You only have so much water you can to the supply on hand.

I WISH I could even come CLOSE the amount of water you are drinking!!

MoYogi said...

thought of you and our talk by the pool when Joel was talking about forgiveness. funny how everything eventually comes full circle here. hey sidenote, will you email me those pics when you get the chance muchos gracias. see you in the a.m. sunshine!

ps- additional tip for fall 08ers.. brush up on the espagnol! i'm slowly graduating past como es ustad and it's been a month and a half. ouch.

Mary E said...

Hi Jenn
I have really enjoyed reading your teacher training blogs.Congrats on almost making it through teacher training.Life is about to happen for you.The Yoga community that has been created because of Bikram is most precious to me.All of us have friends from ALL over the world because of this yoga that we practice and teach.
Now about the water....I have been practicing with Bikram for 24 years...I drink water after class but I have never drank water in class.I do not allow my teachers to drink water in class when they practice OR when they teach.
People drink water for 3 reasons:
1)They are bored...they have no concentration,discipline or focus.
2)It is emotional...they think they are going to die or something like that!
3)Most important....They Do Not Know How To Breathe Correctly and In Great Relaxation.
Everybody fights me on this and I really do not care..It is not to make class hard.I never think a teacher should do that. Watch when people drink and drink and drink...they get weaker and weaker and more loopy in class.You put yourself in digestion the moment the water hits your stomach....takes a LOT of energy.
If I raced you to get oxygen and hydrogen and nitrogen into our with with air ...I have already won! I have already absorbed it into my body with one inhale before you ever picked up your water bottle!
Oxygen carries Prana,Chi,Life is all we need.
If you ever came to my school in San Francisco,you would see that the only people who have water bottles in the room are students visiting from other schools or first time people that brought in water because they read some where that they should.Nobody is just sit down for a moment on your knees and slow your breathing down if you are dizzy....A lot of the time dizzy happens not because of water or heat,but maybe crappy food or drink!
Hold still in the posture breathing normal(or less)...hold still NOT in the posture breathing normal(or less)...That is our yoga..that is all we need to do in class..Hand towels,water breaks,such a shame it exists in our never used to when I first started.It has nothing to do with the yoga.
Tell the Dutch students I love them and cannot wait to see them in San Francisco after training.
Good for you Jenn...I think you have had a GREAT training and it is only going to get better for you when you land at your school to start teaching.Thank you for taking the time to share your training with us.
All thet best!
Mary E Jarvis,Global Yoga
San Francisco