Friday, May 2, 2008

New Links! -------->

Shout out and thanks to BTT fan Sara, who sent me a list of all the links she's found to folks here. I've added all the ones in English to the right. Just don't forget about where you come from ;)

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Sara said...

Yeah - You guys are crazy this year! Blogs popping up everywhere! A creative bunch or just with the craving to keep contact with the space and world outside training - I bet there are as many reasons as there are blogs :o)
Glad you enjoyed. I feel like blogging is like putting together a scrap book of events - The good thing about blogs though are that you can link and instantly pop over to other pages! Keep this page going - You have the best blog I've read from training thus far :O)
And no - I have strong roots so I will never forget my place of origin ;O) Even though I'm crazy about reading blogs - The best way to get the pure essance of for instance training (apart from being there)...
Take care,