Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 57: Lazy-ish Sunday

Today was so nice! Waking up with Jill was surreal, at first when I woke I was utterly confused and forget where I was for a minute. Isn't that funny when that happens? Anyhow, we did end up at 11 a.m. yoga for a nice, chill (so to speak) class - it was only 98 degrees and Tim, the Aussie who's been here volunteering for like 6 weeks, taught a fantastic Sunday class. Jill cruised through with flying colors and said after final breathing, "Honey, that was the coldest Bikram class I've ever taken!" I assured her we'd make up for it tomorrow, no problem.

We then spent the day by the pool, ordered lunch, I worked on dialogue and Jill read her book, got some sun, etc. Then tonight was my group #14 dinner! It was really fun, we kept it easy and close by and all but 1 person showed up (we missed you Joshua!). I read my little piece I wrote for the talent show, and Roy told us a nice story about how grateful he was to us. It was also fun to eat Italian food! Basil is something I haven't had in ages!

Well, it's the last week folks. Can you believe it!?!? I can't. I am going to be so sad to have this experience end, but also I'm super excited to get back to real life. Last week, Bikram talked about the new franchise program that is now the only way you can open a studio. It has some good and bad to it, but makes the prospect of someday opening a studio look a little different than my vision. I trust the right thing will happen for me! In the meantime, of course, my job is to become a rockin' good teacher...and to that end, I'm going to be teaching a "mock" class on Thursday, June 12th at Noon at Hot Yoga of Laurelhurst! If you are in Seattle and would like to come, let me know! Saiko is coordinating it for me and will be there to offer me feedback after. I'm terrified and excited! Otherwise, I'll be working to get some classes as soon as possible in June and will keep you all posted....

Finally, I just wanted to say I will be keeping up with the blog for a little while after training. I plan to give an updated packing list based on what actually was useful, what I didn't have that I wished I had; and all that. Plus, I think over the first few weeks the reflections on this experience will be interesting to capture and of course, I'll talk a bit about how the teaching is going! So, please stay with me! :)

Jill & I after class #1 (here at training, anyhow, she has done plenty of Bikram before!), and me after my 90th!!!; By the pool, and (the one looks all Charlie's Angels, eh?) shots of Group #14 dinner out!


bikramyogachick said...

Michelle from Vegas here...
I'm already having withdrawals, love your blog. I'm glad you are going to continue it post-training. It will be interesting to see what you think after you've had time to get back to the "real world" and absorb what just happened to you! I also look forward to your "revised packing list" as I will someday go to teacher training if the stars align themselves just right. :)
I started a 60 day challenge yesterday myself and will be blogging on this website to record my experience. Reading your blog has inspired me to create one too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, insights, experiences....everything. It was like having a "window" into the training. Who knows, maybe someday somebody will get a clue and do a reality show during a bikram teacher training. That would be interesting!
Enjoy your last week and yes, I will continue reading your blog post training!

Steph said...

A reality show on Bikram Yoga! What a brilliant idea!

Thrilled to hear you are going to continue your blog after TT. Would love to hear how your first class goes and how you feel back in the "real world".