Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 61: Last Days!

I can't even begin to write the "oh my God it's over" post. Really. That'll take time. And you'll get it, not to worry. So instead, I'll just tell you about the last day.

First off, thought, how about that Rabbit!?!?!? I had no idea what I looked like in this posture and thought it was total shit. Well, how about that right there??? I went up for help with this one too, as it, along with the backbend, are ones I have worked hard to improve but wasn't 100% sure I was doing it right/well, etc.

Today started with morning class with Rajashree. It was really different from her teachings earlier in training, and honestly, a rougher class than any of us anticipated. It was good for me when it ended :) Jill too, for that matter. We all went to the salt water pool and took a dip before lunch.

After lunch, we had a slew of announcements wrapping things up, and then Bikram did posture clinic (from Half Tortoise to the end). As noted, I went up for Rabbit as I struggle with my hyper-ended elbows, but turns out, he said my posture was "excellent" and that I was "very flexible." He also asked about my (plastic surgery) scars and then went on to say that super flexible people are very prone to being overweight. He said, "you just have to eat a little and exercise 2x/day." Awesome.

Our final yoga class was wonderful. Bikram taught a upbeat, 85-minute class to the letter. It was super energized and we were all focused, and happy, and excited, and in the moment. He stopped for just two demos and a little song interlude but otherwise it was a rockin' good Bikram Yoga class. I was next to Todd, and we had a good time together. People were a little more relaxed with a bit of talking and photos and whatnot. Jill took class (her second double this week! and her 7th class in 5 days!!! what a girl I have!) and enjoyed it, too. We were all a little shell-shocked when it was over - it's just crazy to think we don't have to do two-a-day forever. And good to think that too. My body is about done with all this.

We jumped in the ocean after class with a slew of others before heading to dinner at 100% natural, where they were slow, so Jill and Jennifer's husband Dennis ended up bringing our food to us at the lecture hall. It was funny and fine, everyone got to eat and life went on. We were just all so happy about being done we really didn't care about the restaurant service being crap today.

Finally, our last 'evolution' of training was Bikram's Shitali Breathing lecture. I found it really enjoyable and the breathing exercise itself - it is a cooling breath - was crazy for me. He made us promise to never to it more than 10 minutes for the first 6 months, and after experiencing it, I see why. I felt like my head left my body! I couldn't feel anything above my neck. Weird and cool. No pun intended. Well, maybe a little. Anyhow, it was a nice ending.

Tomorrow is graduation! Enjoy the copious photos of today, I couldn't resist, you know, it's just that sort of day in your life - a big one.

Last Day in Pictures:
Class #93, rougher than expected with Rajashree; Pre-lecture announcements with Rowena, Julia & Craig; Christian & I at our last daytime lecture; Posture clinic with Bikram; Pix from the final yoga class - the 4 of us who hung out for most of the training - me, Christian, Todd & Jennifer (funny how we met them at orientation and just happened to be in line in front of them to get in the door - Todd had a Lebowski shirt on that I recognized...); me with Marshall & Leah, two group 14'ers I was especially close to; me and Luke(alicious!); Tara, me and Niki, two of my favorite Canadians!; of course, Christian & I pre-last-class; during class photos - I practiced next to Todd which was perfect! After shots of class #94 with Todd, Christian, and Jill. Bikram's final lecture on Shitali Breathing, and me and Boss!


Ruth said...

Hi Jenn,

Thank you for taking us on this amazing journey with you. I've really looked forward to checking out your blog every day. I didn't start from the beginning so intend to go back and read through.
Its emotional just reading the last few days.
Congratulations doesn't even seem to cover it. I hope you continue with your blog - looks like you have quite a fan club! It would be great to be able to ask some questions about training ..... after you have had time to take a looooong rest and settle back in of course.

San Francisco

Sara said...
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Sara said...

Congratulations, Jenn.
I've been reading since day 1 and I almost feel like I've been there with you all! Thanks for giving me/us this amazing read! You are a great writer - Tears of joy for you all are sent to you all :O)

Keep on keeping on and maybe one day I'll pass by and take your class ;o)

Namasté and have a great graduation + a safe travel home!
Malmo, Sweden (for now and then Austin, Texas = Home)

Ky and Cynthia said...

HI jenn,
My name is Cynthia and I've been teaching for 5 years. I used to go and be a part of most trainings and I wanted to come to Acapulco, but couldn't. Your blog has been amazing and inspiring. I've enjoyed reading it everyday..I do hope you continue to write about your next journey - evolving into a Bikram yoga teacher!
Congratulations and maybe I'll be in your class one day or maybe you in mine :)
Safe journey!
Cynthia Wehr

MK said...

Congrats Jen - Bikram Yoga Teacher! You made it! Thanks again for sharing your experiences (and photos - love them), they have been amazing to read about. Take care.

MK from Houston, TX

bikramyogachick said...


Congratulations! I've really enjoyed following your blog, and I'm so glad I found it. Thank you for sharing your journey with your friends, family, and strangers! I can't wait to greet the 5 teacher trainees from Las Vegas when they come home. I feel like I know what they went through now.
If I ever make it up to Seattle, I will for sure take your class. You are going to be one amazing, compassionate and insightful Bikram Yoga teacher in my humble opinion.


Las Vegas

Frameless said...

Hi Jenn,
Congratulations!! Thanks so much for writing your blog. I have enjoyed it so much, and I will miss reading it daily. Now the journey begins as you experience your life through the eyes of a Bikram Yoga teacher.

Namaste... and LOCK YOUR F'N KNEE!

Mike Mayle
San Jose, Ca

Craig said...

I am in awe, not only did you complete teacher training with a wonderful attitude, but you posted to a blog on a daily basis. You rock!! Be very, very proud of yourself!
ttfn, love ~ Craig from Honolulu

Virginie Marley said...

Hi Jenn,

You're a legend :-)
Your attitude is that of a legend. You are going to be such a great teacher, such an asset for bikram yoga and a blessing for those that get to be taught by you no doubt!

Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing iwth the rest of us this amazing adventure. You will be missing the plac,e bt believe me there will be heaps of us having serious withdrawal symptoms too! It has been sensational to follow your journey every day and to think about some of the little bits of wisdom during our own daily practise.

Thank you a million times :-)

I'm in Australia so it's unlikely i'll ever get to one of your class but who knows!!!

Be well and be proud of yourself :-)