Sunday, June 22, 2008

Negotiating Teaching

Things are going pretty well in Teaching-Land. The owner of the one studio that is a bit of a drive has taken a very strong interest in all of the new teachers. I taught those two classes last Tuesday, and then again taught on Thursday - a class she was able to be in. It took a couple days to get in touch with her, but she gave me a whole lot of feedback that I'm going to work incorporating and working on...

A couple things that stood out for me were:

- Using phrasing from one posture in another, similar posture. Apparently, I said, "Bend your body down from the lower spine to the floor" a few (jillion) too many times. So, I went back and reviewed which postures have that line and now will only use it appropriately.

- Another reminder that I need to stay focused on the details of postures that were not ever hard for me, but that are very hard for a lot of people. In this case, Fixed Firm - where I plopped right down day one (open hips, healthy knees, flexible Jenn...). I apparently haven't been saying a dang thing about "be careful of the knees" nor have I offered any modification options for when the knees hurt. Oy! So, again, I reviewed one.

- A myriad of other things - mostly dialogue, a little bit of pacing though overall she said I was good, and continued work on breathing.

The other thing at this point that I'm working to negotiate are all of the nuances of each studio. This ranges from how to deal with the heat (last night, I cooked those poor people. The owner told me the heat was self-regulating...and after opening windows, and having a student advise me on how to turn the heat off, the thermostat was still reading 108! Live and learn...they certainly all felt they got their money's worth...); all of the check-in systems and rules (ranging from online software to little books/cards/papers...) and the hardest: rules in the room. For some, it's "nothing but clear water, no fancy waters" or "we always give advice on dealing with high blood pressure during the floor series" (this wasn't covered in training at all); leave the fans on...turn the fans off...lights on...lights off. I'm sure once I'm doing it for a while, it'll all come clear! Right now, I've had or will have classes at 3 different studios with a couple others on deck. It's all good! And I am continuing to learn and study and practice :)

Speaking of my practice, that's been going well too. I'm still getting 5-6 in a week, no doubles though :) I'm all set in that regard for a while. Now I'm also practicing at different places, which is interesting to have a different space, different teachers and just the overall different (I'll just say it) vibe. Some are hotter, some not so hot - which is fine because I can focus on different aspects of my class (hotter = more mentally challenging for me; not-so-hot = more focus on postures and details). My body is still in pretty good order, my hips are a little achy sometimes after teaching from standing in 1 place for 90 minutes without really moving. I'm sure I'll get some chops in that regard and it will be better. And, my poor bum still hurts a lot, with lesser agitation in the hamstrings, low back and little bit shoulders. Nothing new, so that's good.

I'm still having a load of fun just being home! I am slowly but surely churning through coffee, lunch, dinner, yoga, and walking dates with friends and family. There are a few local folks looking to go to training so I'm meeting up with them to give them the 411 before I forget it all. It's a great time of year here, of course, and so just being out and about is really nice. Jill and I fell right back into order pretty easily - I think her coming to training that last week made for a nice, smooth transition back to couple-dom. Still, my favorite things are cooking dinner, getting up when I want to (it's still always early, really, but my choice) and the best: going to Yoga because I want to, not because I have to! :)

Posts to Come: Packing List Update; and I'm debating on this - but this week I'm spending a chunk of time with my notes on each posture, and I'm going to combine and tidy them so I have all the nuances, health benefits and other tidbits in one place. I'm debating posting each one as a separate post. Interested?


Paul said...

Interested? Yes, please! The people in the following Facebook group would be interested in your packing list too:

Anonymous said...


Hi from Houston Texas - I have been reading your blog every day since your journey began and thoroughly enjoy my daily check ins - I went to training in the fall and reading your experiences was almost like being right there with you - definitely go through the postures = I think it will be a big help to you and to all of us out there reading - especially since it is still so fresh with you - the teaching only gets better and the added bonus - so does your yoga - and here's another little tidbit - you will find your body to continue to change over the next 6 months - in my case I gained five pounds almost immediately (well no double yogas every day) but then to my amazement without changing a thing the five pounds was gone and everything seemed to be tighter, firmer - maybe it has to do with standing up on the podium straight and tall delivering dialogue - whatever it is as they said over and over - trust the process.
I am glad teaching is going well for you - come and visit if you ever venture into Texas!

Carola Rodina said...


Steph said...

Def yes!

Ruth said...

Hi Jenn,

Yes very interested Thanks!
Packing list & maybe spending money needed would be great. The notes would be fabulous.


ashley said...

I've now read every one of your Bikram training and beyond posts. Very enjoyable. Makes me psyched to enter Bikram training for myself, though I don't know I want to get tied down with Bikram and his outrageous copyrighting. (Cutting out chunks of the 84 classic asanas that have existed for some 5000 years and guarding them as one's own...) Anyways, not the point of the comment. Thanks for the blog.
Baltimore, MD
Johns Hopkins Hospital night shift-where an uneventful night at work is better for the patients.

Craig said...


Your teaching sounds like it is right where it should be, or probably even beyond. Way to go!!!!! Getting a taste of your attitude from the blog and after meeting you, I predict you will be a very wonderful and caring teacher.

I highly suggest you record your classes and listen to them with the dialogue in hand. Those dead air spaces, or 'major' screw-ups many times end up being no big deal. But then you may hear you skipped saying something really important. In the beginning I recorded every class and listened to at least one per week. I still record and listen to at least one per month. It keeps me on my toes!

ttfn ~ Craig from Honolulu

Kim colalillo said...

was wondering can you get name brand food that we get in the USA in Mexico at the Walmart? Such as Peanut Butter, Tuna etc. Trying to prepare for Fall Training.