Monday, June 9, 2008

Before & After: A Few Comparison Photos

Before & Afters...

1st class; last class. What a difference!
Flying to Acapulco; flying home.
Christian & I after the first class; and after the last!


Carola Rodina said...

Jenn, hello once more from south georgia. first and foremost, CONGRATS!!! what an amazing experience you have just gone through and thanks again so much for sharing it with the rest of us who were not there - yet!!!
I am going to be there in september, may venture into blog world myself, would be the flagship blog for me, and all previous tutorials will be accrediated soley to you! :)

the memorization has begun - so we shall see hwo it all goes, have to say - very excited about the next part of my life! andhow cool that the server you had is going to take the fall training, wow on 72 classes...thats so cool! iam on day 138 in a row, some have mentioned to take it a bit ealy right before training, but i just take it as it comes!

be well on teh next portion of your journey, into the world of teaching this practice! cant wait to hear how all that goes for you as well!

congrats again,

heidi jo. said...

welcome home! thanks again for sharing your experience. as i mentioned before i am headed off to fall training this year and i have a few questions for you! if you are open to letting me pick your brain on a couple of things, shoot me an email at

thedancingj said...

WOW - there and back again!! You look awesome and I am really excited for you... and really selfishly happy that you are continuing to post, since I have LOVED following your yoga adventures. Hope the first class went well!!