Monday, June 9, 2008

Allow Me One Post to Gush About Seattle

I will get back to yoga tomorrow - I have a post all ready for y'all. But allow me to gush about my first day back in Seattle. What a joy! I love where I live, despite the fact that it was 49 degrees and rainy...summer really doesn't kick in until July 'round these parts.

Anyhow, I woke up around 7 a.m. and did some emailing and puttering before 9:30 a.m. yoga with Saiko. She was so supportive of both Christian & I in our prep and execution of teacher training, and she was my last class at home before training - so it seemed fitting she be my first class back. A bonus though was that Nina, who taught me and Christian in our first Bikram class ever, was there too! She has been gone about a year and got back while we were at training. It was so fun, I practiced right next to her, with Jill right behind me - what a nice welcome back!

Class was so different than before. I did have two other teachers near me and I felt like the new kid at school, kinda. They both have stunning (re: brochure-worthy) practices and well, I don't. So I felt a bit klunky and whatnot but had a good practice, especially after 3 days off and a long day of sitting on an airplane. It was weird to be in such a small room with only around 25 people (I used to think the room was big, holding up to 60 people!), and just seeing such a range of skills, focus and interest. Things like everyone not moving together, laying down in Awkward, and other little things were a big change from training. Plus, the low humidity here made the room feel like a hot, dry heat vs. the humidity fest we had in Acapulco, where I'd be drenched by the end of Pranayama and here, I hit that same level of sweat somewhere around Triangle. Crazy. I had notions of doing a double, but I was pooped and decided instead to hang with my gal.

Jill and I then went to Lighthouse for my first Seattle coffee - my usual, a double tall soy latte. I nearly teared up - 9 weeks without a decent, well-made espresso drink was a long, long time for Seattle-based Jenn. I was so happy! Then we cleaned up and met my sister Megan for Thai food for lunch (Seattle is laden with Thai food, but my 'hood in particular has a particular density of it). Mmmm! It was such a nice change.

After, a little shopping, and quick visit to Jill's business partner who had a baby 5 days after I left, so I got to meet the little guy - and then off to see the new Sex in The City movie at one of my favorite (dumpy, old, charming) theaters. I did stop to have one of my favorite cupcakes and an Americano beforehand :) The movie was fun and after, Jill said, "let's go to Presse." Not a suggestion you have to make twice with me!

So, we headed to Capitol Hill for amazingly good crazily cheap French food, it was like a little date, the whole evening, and super fun! Last stop was a little thrifting at Value Village (Monday is 1/2 price day!) where I picked up a couple 'finds' including a cute pair of Prana pants for $5. Woo-hoo!

I'm still unpacking and getting organized. Here's some news: I have two official, real classes on the books! Monday June 23rd & 30th at 8:15 p.m. in Laurelhurst. Yay! Mock class is still on for this Thursday at 12:30, also at Laurelhurst. I also sent a bunch of emails out to get my organizing business drummed up again - and here's a good little lesson. I had a very lucrative job scheduled for May 1 that I had to let go of in order to go to Teacher Training - and today, when I checked my mail, I got one saying that the gig moved to July 1st and could I still do it? - Honestly, it gave me great pause at the time, thinking I could do this job and it would essentially have paid for TT in the fall. But in this case, turns out I got to have my cupcake and eat it too! It's best to always trust that things will work out, they often do!

Back to wrapping up yoga camp tomorrow! Thanks for indulging me :)

Pix: Above, quintessential seattle coffee- I'm home! Class #1 at home :); Coffee, Thai Food, Rainy Day Jenn; Cupcake; Movie; Dinner at Presse; Thrifting!


Kim H. said...

Welcome home!! I love that you're sharing your home with us... I'm sure that you are thrilled to be getting back to all your regular comforts! Good luck with the mock class on Thursday!!

Gwen said...

Wow, that's a trip down memory lane. I used to have a condo right by the MarketTime grocery store, just about 5 blocks east (on N Allen Pl off Fremont!)
Too bad you got back just in time for the coldest June in recent history--for a place known for cold rainy Junes, that's pretty bad.
Wonderful blog, Jenn, and welcome home--and congrats on finishing training!
You look fantastic, and so confident!