Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 58: The "Lasts" Really Begin


The last Monday. The last this, the last that. You can't help but feel this way! Craig spoke today about graduation, how the day will work, etc. and the reality really started to kick in that we are really almost done.

Now, in the yoga room, I don't think there is better news to be had. I can speak for myself when I say...I'm about sick of yoga. I mean, let me explain. I love the yoga! You all know this. I know this. But passing up the 90 class mark (with my weekend bonus classes) it's just sometimes feeling a little tedious. Usually this feeling is most apparent while waiting for class to start - once I get past half moon I'm good to go. But it feels like the end of a long're rounding the bend and your body is finished but your mind has to will it forward. So, I'm spending a lot of time willing myself forward!

Jill joined me for BOTH classes today - her first ever double! And, what a double: Emmy in the morning (she's back!) and Bikram in the afternoon. She did great - I was so proud of her not to mention just delighted to have her in the room, sharing the experience. Of course it also warms my heart that she does "the yoga" and likes it enough to dedicate to it (she'll tell you, "I don't love it, but I like how it makes me feel).

The morning class was wicked low-energy; Emmy none-to-pleased with our perceived lack of progress since she left in Week 2 didn't help. Of course, in our was Monday morning of Week 9...not exactly a class I'd have laid money on for energetic :) At one point during a long set-up for Triangle, I counted 15 people in my view who were sitting down - I was only in row 5! Plus, a handful behind me were down. That said, I had a tremendous-feeling floor series! It's been rough on the floor in the mornings for me, so having such a good one felt great.

Afternoon class was great, a nice, high-energy, good-mood Bikram class. He of course was himself and said some crazy funny things so Jill got a good taste of him for her first time in his class. I had a really nice practice. Lately my 2nd part of Awkward, my Triangle, Standing Head to Knee and Toe stand have been my focus. Big news!

1) I held the 2nd part of awkward both sets without falling out
2) Strong triangles
3) I PUT MY FOREHEAD TO MY KNEE on one side, one set, but I DID IT for the 1st time ever!
4) I got BOTH hands up on my right side in Toe for many seconds, as opposed to a sort of clap at the end ;)

These things keep me going and make me excited.

Otherwise today, Bikram started his posture lectures. In the afternoon, he went through half moon, awkward and eagle. He asked for volunteers who had "bad ones" and I ran up for backbending because I want it to be better soooooo badly! So, in front of everyone, Bikram helped me achieve the deepest backbend I've ever seen (Christian has a photo I'll post as when I get it). At the end, my knees bent, but he said for demo purposes, that was ok, as it showed my flexibility and what I am capable of. It was super cool having help from him! I went up without hesitation and was really glad I did! In the evening, we got up through Standing Head to Knee. These talks are so amazing, he talks about how to teach beginners, what we should expect to see and how to help them. Very useful and interesting, and he's so engaged and excited about this part, it's really cool.

Jill took me out on a little date - we broke out of the compound and went to 100% Natural for dinner. It was really nice and I was excited for her to experience it since we all have loved it so much over the months we've been here. :)

The icing on the cake was our "break" at 11:30 p.m. before a compulsory film which was actually pretty fun: Om Shanti Om. Sadly, like many Indian films, it was quite long and I couldn't stay up for the whole thing (I got to bed by 2:50 a.m.), but watched some. I went back during the break and put Jill to bed - it's been so nice having her here. It's almost like a transition back to 'real life' having her here this week - just getting me used to the idea of leaving this incredible experience by reminding me how wonderful and rich my life is at home!

Jill does a double! Morning class #86; lecture shots; the film guy; advice from 100% natural (click to enlarge & read!); class #87!


AmyPinSeattle said...

I'm excited for you....the downward slide!

I can't wait to see you in person, I'm sure your body is just amazing and will be sooooo obvious to those of us who haven't seen you for months!

Say hi to Jill for me! Amy

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I teach at the Hot Yoga of Mill Creek, I am SURE you will do great at the Laurelhurst studio. That is wonderful you are starting already - that's the best way to get into your teaching! Maybe I will come pay a visit some time:)