Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 59: Reflecting Begins

It’s not over until the fat lady sings. Or, perhaps, until the small Indian man sings. But wait, he sings all the time, so let’s just say it’s not over ‘til it’s over. Still, I can’t help but find myself reflecting a bit while I wander about these last few days in paradise. Don’t get excited though, I don’t have the time to write my reflections here and now – and then what would I have to write for you all over the next few weeks??

Wow. Tuesday done. Only two days left…4 yoga classes to go..two (potentially) sleepless nights…just a couple more buffets. It’s hard to believe! Ok, getting on with what we did today…

Morning class was with Emmy, and unlike yesterday’s 2-hour class, it was only about 15 minutes over. It was good, but we were all beat from getting to bed around 3 a.m. Monday night. I have to admit, some of my phenomenally deep-feeling savasanas may have actually been, well, sleep. Good class though, or, good enough for this point in the game.

After a nice breakfast-for-two at the buffet with Jill, afternoon lecture was around the postures again and we got up to Triangle. I am loving this part so much! If ever I come back to training, I will aim for the final week. I think this is a talk anyone would get a lot out of every time. Bikram showed a perfect triangle using a towel (see photo of Luke), and he helped a lot of people who struggle with their triangle. It was a nice afternoon!

Afternoon practice was a flawless Jason Winn class. Wow. What a class! It was just perfect and good and I was in love with yoga during it. This is a feeling we’re not exactly basking in a lot these days…so it was nice. Christian reported having a stunning class as well, and Jill loved it too.

At this point, it’s the “we’ve broken you down and now we’re building you up” time. Most agree the room isn’t quite so debilitatingly hot at this point, still it’s humid as all get out, but the heat isn’t killer. The lectures are nice and start a little later and they actually give us breaks again! It’s like being back in Week 1 and 2.

…except for the fact that my body is about done with all this. My low back feels like someone welded it into one hard, tight mass. My neck and shoulders, a favorite place to hold tension, is also rock solid (and not in a good way). Everything else is holding up just fine, but truth be told, I’m pooped in many ways. Oh, and my body also graced me with my third period in nine weeks! How about that?! So many report not having had one at all while here – apparently, I’m takin’ it for the team. Wee-haw.

Jill and I snagged a cabana and had a picnic dinner looking at the ocean. It was perfect and lovely! We have snacky meals at home a lot, and it was fun to just do 'our thing' together - we made cranberry tuna salad, had nuts, cheese, crackers, chocolate and chips. It was a nice relaxing way to spend time together, eat and just continue re-connecting after being apart for so long :)

Evening brought another batch of postures, up through Toe Stand. Then Bikram didn’t have the videos he had hoped to show us, got a little perturbed and just sent us to bed at the civilized hour of 12:15 a.m.! How exciting! Also, they told us today about festivities for Friday’s graduation! We graduate at 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., then a nice celebratory buffet, bonfire at 7 p.m. and then we rented out the club/disco here at the hotel and are having an outside DJ come starting at 10 p.m. Oh, and there will be booze. Amen.

Class #88; Posture Clinic with Bikram; Class #89; Dinner on the beach with Jilly; Evening lecture.

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Mary E said...

Hi Jenn!
I am going to say congratulations on a successful Teacher Training ! (I feel PRETTY confident that you are going to make it...)
What a life you have had over the past year. Good for you on all you have accomplished.
You will never burn out as a teacher if you continue to build your beautiful body temple and then...make sure you fill it with compassion and patience and love and humility....especially humility! Be soooo interested in everything your students say,move, be,do.Every posture is interesting!
I NEVER get tired or ever get bored saying again and again..."the posture doesn't begin until the standing knee is locked.." I am FASCINATED by that every class,every time,every side,every set.
We have the BEST life teaching this yoga,practicing this yoga....living in the Present Moment when we do this yoga(or trying to!)
Remember...you have nothing to proove to anybody when you teach class.Every time I walk into the yoga room to teach I do one thing just before I turn to start the class. My back is to the students. I am closing the door...I am quietly saying to myself again.."dear God please make me more humble again". I am not always good at it ,but, I will never give up on that....it keeps me out of emotional prison when I teach.

I love Bikram,I love this yoga.I have never been bored about it and I LOVE watching it ,teaching it,talking about it,listening to others talk about it,ANYTHING IT!!
If you can think of others more than yourself when you teach...you will never burn out I promise you.

How great it is to watch someone get out of any kind of pain in their body,mind,soul with this yoga.YOU watched that happen. There are no English words to describe it that I know of.

I hope you are sooo successful and happy teaching this yoga.Thank you for all the time you took to write during your training.
It has been really fun to read...(except ,of course,the vomiting and diarreha!)
Please be very proud of your self...
All the best!
I miss you already,
Mary E Jarvis
Global Yoga,San Francisco