Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 60: Almost there!

The mood here is kinda interesting. It’s a mix of anxiety – anxious to go home, anxious that it’s going to end, and anxious about “what’s next?” for a lot of people here. It reminds me of the keyed-up energy of Weeks 6 & 7 – but with a more positive vibe. Everyone is excited at the same time – I know I am – to actually graduate and be lucky enough to go and give this yoga to others!

I’m not going to write too much as I want to keep my time here at the end to really experience it, but also I want to capture what’s been happening so I can look back and remember! Anyhow, the run-down of Wednesday…

We started with a brutally hot Jim class (he’s back from San Diego) that ran a little long but felt like an eon. I practiced near Christian for the first time since Day 2! It’s so funny, we just liked different parts of the room at first, and then ended up on different lines due to groups. He had a rough time and I was glad to be near him to give him a squeeze now and then to let him know it was going to be ok. I myself felt like I was just flopping through postures, it was insanely hot and the energy in the room was just…spent. In the end, we all lived of course, but a bit worse for the wear. And we thought they were gonna let us coast....oy!

Lunch was fun and followed by the advanced class demo! It looked hard as hell and was fun to watch (as opposed to doing it). Bikram and Emmy and most of the staff participated. Some postures were phenomenal! Seeing 82-year-old Emmy bang out some of these moves was insane and inspiring all at once. Bikram of course, was a kick in the pants, helping people, doing postures and just offering his own special breed of commentary. We then had a little talk from the new management company about the franchising agreement that was signed in early May, and what that means in terms of the "business" going forward, including opening your own studio and what that will look like.

Afternoon class was our final Craig class. It was amazing – that man has a gift. It was one of my best classes of my life I’d say – I did my deepest backbend, I held the 2nd part of Awkward about 45 seconds (!!!!) – there was a contest, the winner held it for 3:28 and got to go up and teach the second set (breathlessly). It was good fun. Craig was inspiring and humble. I was next to Marshall, who was celebrating his 28th birthday, and it was a nice class for most of us. We headed to dinner for his birthday afterwards.

Our final evolution of the day was posture clinic with Bikram which was ended mercifully at 11 p.m. We went through up to Fixed Firm, and will finish tomorrow. I am loving this part and these lectures a lot! It’s a happy fun time. ☺ Tomorrow is it. The last day. It is hard to imagine actually teaching a class – and hard to believe I did this. I’ll do plenty more reflecting for y’all soon. But for now, wish me luck on my LAST DAY!!!!!!!!

Pix: A much skinner version of both me and Christian above; Marshall, Sukh & Leah, 14'ers and friends; Class #91; Advanced demo; new Mgmt. company lecture; Class #92 with Jill; and postures with Bikram.


Admin said...

Do you have some "starter kit" on yoga or smth?A book with tehniques, music..anything :)

Lookinf for one for a long time


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I can't say enough congratulations to you. I'm a long time Bikram student and looking forward to attending Training next Spring. Thank you so much for writing all of this. It's so inspirational to me.

I would love to communicate with you privately over email if you wouldn't mind. I have a few rather private questions I'd like to ask you. If not, it's OK.

Thanks again for writing this. I see some familiar faces there.. Mr Zeb and miss Jessica!! I also saw one of my mentors, Arnie in one of your recent pictures.

I am honored to partake in your journey Jenn. Go forward and be a light!! Blessings!!

Karen W