Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Welcome letter from Acapulco from Bikram Training

Today we received this letter from the (infamous) Craig, who is the operational director (director of education) of training. I love the flavor of it - basically "we're going to do our best, don't be a big bunch of entitled, whiny baby pee-pants people who complain about everything..." Fair request, I suppose - but I'm sure the first point I run into something that seems out of line, I'll be thinking of the giant check I wrote, the time I'm giving, and will do my best to get all yogic on my own self and keep my big trap shut. ;)


Congratulations on your acceptance into the Bikram Yoga College of India’s Intensive Teacher Training Program, Class of Spring, 2008 in Acapulco, Mexico. I’m writing this from the property, and it is truly beautiful.

After meeting with the Fairmont management earlier today, I thought it appropriate to mention an important and time-sensitive consideration for your stay. If you have not already done so, please open the page for https://www.fairmont.com/fpc/FPCEnroll.htm and enroll in the president’s club for the Fairmont Properties. Enrollment is free and self-explanatory, and will, according to the management, enable you to access the internet for free while on-site. Once you receive your President’s Club membership number, you will have gained access. You will need that number for access, so please record it for future use.

The process of enrolling in the President’s club is exclusive to the Fairmont properties, so please refrain from all inquiries to our Headquarters in Los Angeles, as they remain blissfully unattached. Please note: you will need to enroll at least one day before you arrive for check-in to receive this complimentary service. If you do not enroll early, you will be required to pay for all internet services. Again, you will not be permitted to enroll effectively within 24 hours before your arrival, so please log onto the site as soon as possible to be eligible to receive the benefits.

Bikram and the Fairmont Acapulco Princess management and staff have gone to great lengths to ensure that this class will see a new evolution for our yoga, opening the door for unlimited potential. Bikram sees it as a new beginning. All we require is your presence, and a passionate commitment to your own transformation within the next nine weeks. Please enter into our new home with open eyes, open heart and open mind. You have chosen the path of service that leads to the promise of Self-realization, and for this you have my respect. Let yours be the hand that heals and helps, and let your expectations, as unwanted burdens, fall behind as you enter through the door.

Please have your Teaching Dialogue prepared and memorized in full before you arrive. Your responsible preparation will empower you to maximize your own unique potential within this course, and to graduate in nine short weeks fully prepared to teach Bikram Method Hatha Yoga to those in need. I look forward to working with you in Acapulco. Be well, and welcome aboard.

Craig Villani

Director of Education

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