Saturday, April 5, 2008


There are buckets of Bikram people here. My travels were uneventful, Christian (ck) and I arrived virtually simultaneously and getting situated at the hotel was relatively flawless. Outside of no ocean view (as if!) the room is amazingly perfect. First, it's HUGE, second, it has a great big walk-in closet for changing, storing unused stuff, and allowing us to keep the room tidy. There are loads of drawers, an area of my little 'kitchen pantry', 2 fridges (as promised) and two sinks - one in the bathroom with the shower/tub, toilet; and one outside. Logistically for two non-coupled people, this is a boon! They are double beds, nice for 1 person. We have a view of the palm-tree littered golf course, which is lovely - no complaints, really, we were both just relieved and delighted by the room. The open-air huge lobby is where we access our free wi-fi, and it's a nice place to go and hang out outside the room as well.

The hotel itself is amazing too - my gawd - to be left here for 9 weeks is not the worst thing that could happen! Wonderful beach - we swam yesterday and it was warm, but with a nice gentle current that just made the water feel alive - the pools (many) are great, there are flamingos and peacocks wandering around the grounds. It's nice, but not so chi-chi that you feel annoyed or uncomfortable. It's the perfect level of goodness.

There is a convenience store, boutique (clothes, etc.), deli (with lattes!!! but $5 each so those will be a treat), game room (air hockey!), spa...really it's just great. The Wal-Mart is about a 20-30 minute walk, but it's just across from the entrance on the other side of the golf course.

Bikram was on Christian's flight, and arrived at the hotel to a big pomp-and-circumstance with a Chef greeting in the lobby. We were in line to check in, and snapped a photo! Below are some pics, when I'm beat, you may get more pix than words.... Tomorrow orientation is at 3 p.m., no practice though. We are working on dialogue, and it's going well. More soon! I'm just so happy to be here finally!!!

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