Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 19: I Heart Thursdays

Thursday is my favorite day of the week, in general. I don’t know why, but it’s always delighted me. Perhaps it was that feeling that as a kid, (on a school night) I could stay up a bit later because I only had one day left to slog through. In college, I worked my schedule to have Thursday be my “Friday” so it continued to make me happy. Adulthood – well, I don’t know, but I wake up on a Thursday and it makes me smile. And how fortunate for me that it happens weekly! ☺

Today was just fine. I’m settling into Bikram school, and the monotony aspect of it is becoming more of a routine aspect, which is good and is letting me have some structure which helps in dealing with being here emotionally and physically. Two good yoga classes today – no complaints – and I did my Awkward Parts 2 & 3 dialogue and messed it up a touch at the end. I was all devastated by it, shocked yet again by the fact that I am not perfect. Why does this shock me every time, like it’s new information or something?? Still, I powered through – I talked to one of the staff who had been there and she reassured me that really, it was nothing. “We look at each of you and what you’re capable of as a person – no comparison person to person because everyone is at a different stage with different natural abilities.” She confirmed I would not get kicked out for forgetting to say “half inch gap between heels and hips” and for adding a few no-no's. Phew.

Fortunately at 5 p.m. class, right after what we'll now refer to as “the dialogue incident” Diane from Boston taught. After her stellar posture clinic, I was super excited to have her class. Though I started out sad and bummed about my dialogue, she came on and said “I’m the bus driver, let me drive the bus for the next 90-minutes” And I thought, “I couldn’t be more delighted than to hand over the wheel of my life right here, right now.” And I had a fantastic, nice class.

Poor Christian got dehydrated again, despite seemingly staying on top of his water/Gatorade regimen. He had two really rough classes but stayed in the room like a trooper, and even kept trying to get up and go again in the morning. The afternoon brought him a new level of dizziness/near passing out, so he did a lot of savasana and took care of himself. After a big fat steak sandwich, fries, pedialyte and water galore, by bedtime, he felt much better and seemed to turn a corner of hydration again. It’s amazing here how the balance is so delicate – one evening of a little less water than usual and you’re a wreck trying to catch yourself up for a day or two. It’s not just him, that’s for sure, and I think for all of us here it’s a constant reminder to stay on top of everything – eating, drinking water, supplements, electrolytes. It's like were here doing one thing, but the multi-tasking within this "one thing" is really challenging. And the further lesson which we all keep getting taught here in different ways, no matter how prepared you are, no matter how well you plan, in the end, you often have no choice and life will unfold as it will. Your job is to handle it the best way you can for yourself, don’t attach to it or the feeling, let it go and move on!

p.s. Sometime soon, likely this weekend, I’ll tell you more about how my body is holding up and some more about yoga classes, how my practice is evolving (hot damn if my balancing stick isn’t a notch past respectable these days! Who knew my capability as a human nettie pot n standing separate head to knee stretching?…) and more!

p.s.s. Jill and I got Skype working a bit and we got to “see” each other! It was so great and felt so nice to lay eyes on her. Her first words were, “Honey you’re so skinny!!” and I thought, “Honey, did you rehearse that??” That girl knows my currency, that is for sure. She went on to move the camera about so I could see my kitties, I called them and they got up and started rooting around for me. I felt kinda bad for tricking them like that, but I was glad they still remembered me! ☺

Today's Pix:
Above, me in "my hallway" blogging, taken by my neighbor Tony, apparently, this is how he "sees me"; Classes #28 & #29 - wow!; My latest discovery/delight: Peanut Butter & Orange Marmalade on wheat toast, yum!; Joshua, a fellow Group 14'er, says hi to his pals in Europe reading along!


Carola said...

Jenn - so your blog has become something i have not had in many years - (as I dont own a tv) - my daily episode...must tune in to see whats happening today!
you are a great writer! and thanks for continuing! I have realized within the last 2 weks that I too will venture into the mexican torture chamber - in the fall! I am stoked! Keep sweating, keep writing, most of all keep living your life to the fullest each day! and yes, we are fortunate to have a thurday every week! :)
ps. the flamingos are great!

Craig said...

Jenn, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog! I’m Craig from Honolulu and graduated from teacher training just last fall. You have such a wonderful attitude – it will serve you well! During training my mantra was, “Let whatever happens be OK!” It helped me through many situations.

You and I both know Vicki Yu from Boise. Vicki and I practiced dialogue together in December and January. Please give her a hug for me!

A few posts ago you mentioned listening to the rain in tree pose. I had to smile, as during training I would hear the ‘rain’ going into standing bow pulling pose and imagine I was in a beautiful, lush, green rain forest. Gotta love the sound of rain :-)

I will hopefully get to meet you – I’m coming to training for week 6, and am very excited about it. Keep on blogging!!

Julia said...

That being perfect thing really likes to creep up every once in a while. Way to recognize it and let it go!!!
Enjoy your 40% completion!