Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 21: How's that body??

How’s the body holding up? Well, so far, so good. This week with the advent of posture clinics, we are sitting on the floor in a room for anywhere between 4-6 hours and that is far more brutal on my body than the friggin’ yoga! I was doing great, but since they started, my back hurts a little, and my outer left thigh along with my inner right thigh – both right by the knee – burn. My left rhomboid/upper back has a little stitch in it…but other than those issues, I’m golden! And in comparison to some, those little ailments are nothing.

Oh, and my tongue hurts. Why?? Well, during the water free class yesterday I realized I was reaching my tongue out to capture every drip of sweat on my cheeks, chin and upper lip. Nice. But - indulge me in a quick re-visit on this - I realized in practice this morning that I got two big things out of doing the no water class:

1) I realized I really don't need as much as I thought - duh, you say. Well, when in that room you forget, trust me. Today I reached for water 4 times only to put it down and realize I was reaching for comfort, not water. Instead, I tried to sit with the discomfort and just let it be. I certainly drank water today! I just was more thoughtful about it rather than it being a habit or pattern.

2) During the class yesterday, I was dying by Fixed Firm, and all I could think of was "water water water" and I thought, "If you really are doing this, you have to focus on something else." My mind was like "What can I focus on? What can I focus on??" when a little voice said, "Um, what about focusing on doing the yoga!" Again, duh, but yeah, really, DUH! (In a good way!). It was so cool, so I stopped thinking of water, lapped up a bit of sweat off my cheek, and carried on with some of the best focus I've seen outta myself in a while.

Anyhow, my practice? Well, some postures I’m really feeling movement in, some are decidedly the same – or a little worse. As of the end of Week 3, here is a full report – mostly for my tracking (I’ll do it again at week 6 and 9) - standing series today, floor tomorrow:

Pranayama: Going great, I’m getting better at deeper breaths, shoulders hold up fine.
Half Moon: I’m working so hard! Sides are getting deeper, backbend I can see the wall behind me, and knees are locked in 2nd set of forward bending.
Awkward: 1: Just fine, as always. 2: Oh dear God, I’m getting there – still I can only hold the full expression of the posture for a few seconds, but I can go down a lot more. This is by far my least favorite part of not only awkward, but the whole class. 3: Ok, I still need to get my hips up off my heel more and work on balance.
Eagle: Just fine. Working most on getting my fingers down lower. This is a good posture for me.

Standing Head-to-Knee: Still not kicking out in the first set very much, working sooooo hard to lock the f’ing knee. When I do kick out, elbows are down, no prayer yet for a nose to the knee though.
Standing Bow: Standing left leg – working so hard to keep the knee locked, toes barely come up over my head. Standing right knee: Looks good! Knee locked, body down, working on head straightening and chin to shoulder.
Balancing Stick: Hallejuleh! Whoever stole my stick gave it back on Tuesday. Right now, I’m in this one rock solid. Yay!
Standing Separate Leg Stretching: Working on being really honest with myself on how wide my step is, getting my hands under the heels, elbows wrapped around…head touches the floor, but needs to go back more to be in better line with my toes.
Triangle: MUCH better, still need to come down more come down more come down more…but I’m feeling new heights in that one, so something is happening!
Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose: I’m mostly working on how not to be a human nettie pot in this one; my bra drips onto my thigh and right up my nose. Brutal. Seriously though, working on locking the knee more – nice improvement though so far.
Tree: Good, always has been.
Toe: I can bring my one hand up on the left standing leg side; and both hands (!!!!!!!!!!!!) for a few seconds anyhow, on the right standing leg side. Progress!!!

Just a few pix, as I mostly studied in the spa today, caught a few rays and studied more...

Tiger Saturday above; class #32, check!; that scary mean bird again...

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