Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 20: Water-free Class!!!!!!

Today was Friday, but for me, it's hard to get excited about Friday seeing that I know a Craig-class is still to be endured at 8 a.m. tomorrow. It's ok, but I try to keep my head in the game and my eye on the ball - that is to say, I don't want to relax and then not do well/be prepared for Killer Craig Saturday!

This morning a fellow from Chicago taught class. It was - well, fine. I have to say, there was nothing wrong with it, and for me, nothing terribly rock star about it either. Totally fine at 8:30 a.m. on a Friday. I had (eekk!) another good practice! Then the usual - a dip in the pool, lunch, practiced my Eagle dialogue, Dr. T's final lecture, posture clinic (aside: I did my Eagle dialogue, and while again it wasn't perfect, this time, I just went with it and of course, it was fine!), then 5 p.m. class with Sarah, a junior staffer who was 2nd place yoga champ. She taught an energetic class that reminded me of well, energetic-young-woman-teacher class. At the end though, she made us all extra-super-happy by telling us we were FREE TONIGHT! I think if I'd have been even remotely emotional, I'd have cried.

The reason I wasn't emotional was this: I did a no water class. Believe it or not, I didn't really plan it, but had it on my list to accomplish sometime in the training. I went into class super-hydrated (re: peeing every 5 minutes), and I thought "I'm going to skip 'party time' after Eagle and wait to drink until I really need to." Well, the standing series came and went, and I still held off - at the savasana, I rinsed my mouth and spit it out into my towel. Then the floor...oy. It got really hard to not drink at the fixed firm transition, and Camel/Rabbit/Stretch/Twist felt like an eon or two, but I did it! I did not take one sip of water. Needless to say I hydrated like a crazy lady after, but it was a great accomplishment. Many of us have these orange jugs, which I call Orange Towers of Shame, since Craig in particular makes a lot of comments about them that well, induce some shame. "Your water is ruling you..." "It's a pattern, and it's our job to point it out; if you recognize it, cool, it's your job to work on that..." etc. etc. I think now I'll be better at dialing my water back, but no more water-free classes for me. My head was squeezed by the end, still, it was a little accomplishment/box I can check off!

Tonight we had a nice dinner here at the hotel. It was a the fancy Mexican place, and it was good - funny how most of us got onion soup (salt) and beef (fat, protein) - the body really knows what it needs.

It's the weekend! One class at 8 a.m. and freedom for nearly 40 whole precious hours!

Class #30 - holy crap, a 30 day challenge finished in less than 20 days!; the "mess hall" - Chula Vista, where we have our daily brunch buffet; People practicing before lecture - as you can see, we're on Eagle!; Dr. T. did some adjustments today, this is with Bernadette, the French lady who is a kick in the pants; me and my Orange Tower'o'Shame - whose ass I had just defeated in Class #31!

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Aranka said...

Yeah, Jenn! I adore your blog!

How fortunate we are to have you do such a fine job at reporting from the trench lines! I trained in the L.A. days, nothing posh like you have it, but I am very happy that the training is going strong and healthy.

The reason I am commenting is that I would love to recommend your blog to some kind of award. I don't know if there is one coming up soon, but if I find one, I will tell about yours for sure. Great sense of humour, sweet inside stories, and a very positive tone of voice. I love you through your blogs, and I never met you. Faboulous job, please, pretty please keep it up. It is one of my highlights of coming home after teaching the millionth class and reading your posts.

The pictures are an added bonus - I wish I had a camera and laptop in those old days to document my training. Now I'm reliving it through your blog.

Thank you very much, Jenn,

Sparkles to you and all the rest there,


p.s. if you meet a sweet looking girl Teshia, and a handsome boy, Peter, both from Toronto, could you please give them a big hug from me?
Thank you.