Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 17: Posture Clinics in 5th Gear

Only Tuesday today, and yet it seemed like Wednesday (at least!). Classes today were taught by visiting teachers. In the morning was Patrice, from CA, who is 52 years old and taught a nicely paced, fairly mellow class. It was refreshing really, most people had a good class and for me, it almost felt like a nice “pacing lap” if you will. Afternoon class was taught by Martha, from Minneapolis, who was cute and funny, but still taught an athletic class. It was hotter than the morning, I noticed I was soaked just from waiting for class to start – still, class went fine for me overall (though I did seem especially sweaty), but many people commented that it seemed hotter than it had been.

I moved to a new spot in the room in preparation for the forced rotating by group that starts tomorrow. It was ok, but what a different vibe - the front of the room is so high-energy, people know they are (technically) setting examples for those behind them; the area I choose had a lower energy vibe than I am used to and some people seemed downright not into it. It was my first class of having no view of myself at all in the mirror, and it proved good for me! I stayed really focused and used a girl in a gray bra as my focal point. Luckily she was fairly stable in her postures, so my eyes could settle in a focus.

Today we started what is a true posture clinics in our smaller groups. After anatomy with Dr. T, we split up and headed to our “corner suites” with our smaller groups – about 16-17 people in each group (go Group #14!!) with two groups in each room, to provide interaction with different people daily. We had visiting teacher proctors in the afternoon, and then staff members in the evening (until 11:30 p.m.). I delivered my Half Moon backwards as well as Hands to Feet pose – which went well, I got great feedback and overall was told to really ‘bring it’ at the end (I was trying to avoid cheerleading, but apparently, it’d be better if I did cheerlead :). We started into the first part of Awkward close to quittin’time, so I’ll be doing that tomorrow, and likely 2nd & 3rd part by bedtime.

No lie, the stress is heating up (no, there was really no pun intended there….). We are going to soon be blowing through one posture/day, and I think most of us – myself heartily included – have no idea how it will happen. I need an injection of my dialogue, into my veins and then maybe, maybe, I could do it well. I’m good up to Eagle, which will get me to Friday. We have another anatomy test this weekend, and really, at some point, you have to have a bit of a rest or else you’ll just pop or melt or disintegrate or something. Still, the weekend this week looks like it’ll be a lot of hiding to get the phrases down, and then groups of people practicing and performing dialogue all over the place. It’s so daunting; not to mention you still have to do 2 yoga classes a day, feed yourself, sleep (ideally), and perhaps shower now and again, and well, stay sane. I’m not trying to sound/be negative, more just trying to keep it real – there are indeed aspects of this that are simply put, no fun.

What’s funny is I love delivering the dialogue, provided I know it – I am actually really loving it. Two of the proctors stopped me separately after the session, on at yoga class and one at evening sign-in, to tell me I did a great job and were super-encouraging about my style, that made me feel good. Perhaps I can hang on to their props to help inspire me as a wedge toothpicks in my eyelids to hold them open at night! :)

Today’s Pics:

Classes #24 & #25 – we are over 25% done with classes, the total will be 98; Dr T., who I like more and more everyday; the view from my Posture Clinic room; Christian, Jennifer & Todd at evening announcements; and a little glimpse of a posture clinic.


Julia said...

Keep up the good work! I cannot wait for you to give me a private lesson! And I cannot wait until I get to go to your class. it will be like I am talking to myself. ;)
HUGS ---- HUGS ----- HUGS
You are so there!

digdeeper said...

Jen - what I love about your attitude is that you seem joyful in the face of all the stress and adversity and when you sometimes struggle with finding the joy - you are at the very least accepting of the situation - it feels like you continuously let go of your resistance - you don't ignore it - you become aware of it and then you surrender to what is - its not always easy to do but by staying "awake" and present you will continue to make it happen - I am guessing you are becoming an inspiring teacher - thank you again for writing each day - I really love reading your insights and you write so well