Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 24: Super Tuesday!

And so it goes. While I'm known for my extremes, I've worked hard to minimize extremism in my life and while I don't always succeed, I'm conscious of my pattern (ahem, Craig) and do at least try. Well, for as awful as Monday was, Tuesday was stupendous. Both of my practices were rock star (that is, rock star from the inside, not from the outside - my practice not a candidate for photos for the brochure...I'd be better to write it). Anyhow, I worked super hard, was never too hot (in fact, in the afternoon I wondered briefly if the heat was even on - that is weird). As great as it was, I'd rather have added together and divided by 2 for four even-keeled classes. Either way, it was good to be "back" though I'm watching out for that little Yoga Pickup Truck to have another go at me, and I think as it drove off, I noticed a little U-haul with PMS written on the side. ;)

Dialogue and posture clinics continue to be the focus for everyone. Today we did Standing Bow - mine went pretty well. I got a little nervous and should've just waited until I felt normal, but I went early on and though it wasn't my most stellar performance, I got it done and it was respectable. You do learn a lot watching other people deliver, hearing the feedback and just hearing the words over and over. Perhaps when I get home, I'll actually remember the dialogue?!?! I won't get too excited about that....

I have a memorization method that is working great for me!!!
1) 30-45 minutes learning each line of the posture alone, silently or mumbling to myself
2) about 30x, run through using only the 1st word to jar my memory and get a flow going (both out loud and in my head)
3) about 20x out loud without using 1st words (or, only as a crutch)
4) about 5x+ out loud with bodies demonstrating, more if possible

My anxiety around memorizing is nil. It's funny, yet again, everything they said would happen has. "It'll get easier" "You'll get in a flow..." True. That.

Posture clinics afford for a lot of opportunity to hear opinions and insight from a variety of visiting teachers. Tony, a fellow trainee and fan of the blog said how a visiting teacher said, "There is no failure here." Tony said he lost it because you can fail here, and the teacher said, "You need to let go - that's your stuff...". When he and I talked about it, I said I agree with the teacher, actually - there is no failure here so long as (just like in the yoga room) you try the right way. I don't think they will let anyone out of here without a certificate provided they followed the rules, worked hard and tried the right way. There are people giving dialogue that at first blush you might think was terrible, but for that person, it is 10-fold better than a week ago. They evaluate each of us based on our potential, not as a comparison, making everyone - particularly those who are struggling - feel supported, with lots of faith behind them. Rowena said, "Even if someone is up there rockin' it out, they're still feeling their fear." Sing it, Rowena.

Craig talked recently about Eagle, Standing Head to Knee and Standing Bow. His talks are so interesting and if you listen, you really can get good information for not only teaching, but your own practice. Based on his talk, I'm rededicating to my Standing Head to Knee, as I realized on my left side I was hyper-extending the knee as opposed to an honest, thigh-burning-squeezed lock. Right side is ok, but I was having pain in the outside of my left knee...and he said "If you're cheating and doing this wrong, you'll have pain in the outside of your left knee." Low and behold. He also talked about the importance of your hand position, so when you're kicking out, you're not pulling on the lower part of your foot, hence jamming your femur into your hip socket. Rather, you are to pull back on the top part of your foot, stretching the Achilles tendon, calf and hamstring. I knew this, but it was interesting to watch demos that showed how a beginner might take that route. Sarah did the Bow for our demo (pix to follow, I loaned out my card reader) and the talk on that was helpful as well.

Special to Hannah: Diane Ducharme runs a studio in Boston and this woman is my idol, my hero and you should go to her studio. Aside from being a stunning instructor, this woman LIVES to grow and mentor teachers. I know you will come to training, and you will teach, and this woman is the shit, lemme tell you. Maybe this is the reason you moved to Boston, I'm not kidding!!! GO TO HER (once she abandons us after this week) :)

Photo above is from Tony, of me demo'ing eagle for my pal and Group #14'er Lisa. Demo of Standing Head to Knee; Classes #34 & #35: Wee=haw! Demo of (OMG!!!) Standing Bow. Mine is not even a 3rd cousin to this version... ;)


Meg said...

Just remember that the PMS' uhaul will be back and this time you will know it and be somewhat prepared for it :) AND next time when PMS'ing drink water :)

You are doing fantastic Jenn and I love reading your blog. I miss you and being able to just chat with you. I imagine we will be having a big ole family get together after we all get home again :)

I love you sis!@


Sara said...

I'mm still loving your blog, Jenn!
Sara from Sweden here again!!! I just HAVE to cut and paste all the blogs that are from the training this year. Some are photo blogs and some aren't writing any more but here it goes:


http://blog.verzetteln.de/ (German)

http://yogabootcamp.blogspot.com/ - One of the best ones!

http://rubenreinders.blogspot.com/ (Dutch)















http://www.home.earthlink.net/%7Ebloomingtonyoga/id17.html - Contains 3 blogs + slide show - Links on the lower part of the page.

Hope you have time to check them out!

Hugs from a fellow yogini,

Anonymous said...

Ooooo, thanks for the "special"!!!

When I left D.C., several of my teachers told me they think I need to go training. Not "should." Not "maybe." No, NEED. And, in a way, reading your blog has given me pause to think the same thing.

I will definitely check out Diane's studio next week. And I'll tell her we're blog buddies. :)