Monday, April 7, 2008

Eat Meat

Last night, Craig told this little story - in hilarious fashion - I wanted to share. It went something like this...

"I was vegan for about 8 months when I came to training. By Thursday of Week 1, I had a 67-year-old woman trainee helping me hold myself up and said, "Shelly, I ought to be helping you like this! I'm 30!" ... Somehow my veganism came up, and she suggested I eat some meat.

"So I went to Whole Foods and bought the grass-fed, free-range, home-schooled, they-played-chopin-as-you-sacrificed-yourself-for-little-ole-me hunk of beef. I went home, put it on the grill for 5 seconds on each side, squatted down and ate it with my bare hands, drippings all the way down my elbow, until it was gone.

"The next day, I went and got a whole rotisserie chicken, and promptly inhaled the whole thing....then, I was constipated for 4 days. The morale of the story: If you've been off meat for a while, consider some fiber as you go back to it."
A little bit about Craig. Training starts in 50 minutes! Today will no doubt be more of a drill Sargent approach, versus last night's "we don't want to terrify you....just yet, anyhow."


Anonymous said...

Go Hennifero, Go! :-) Have some meat for me! And go to Costco!

kt said...

Hey, I'm really enjoying your blog so far! I went to training last year, in Hawaii, and I'm jealous--it sounds like your setup is really well-organized. Good luck!

gemseeker said...

Not sure if last message made it through as I signed in. My name is roy Gonzalez (spring 2005 training) I'm traveling and teaching right now. I won't be going to training but would love to follow your experience. Your entry was quite informative. I'm both a nurse and massage therapist so if there is anything I can help with ....ask.

You are there to master the dialogue. Study , study, study. Strong dialogue will open the doors to every studio for you. Strong dialogue is the pass to teaching ANYWHERE.

Is the water safe? Food costs reasonable?

You have entered into a very strange worls jenn. TRUST THE PROCESS. You will hear it over and over. They know what they are doing in terms of teaching students how to be teachers.

Good luck

Dad and Char said...

Finally got to read your blog since we are in Australia, time and day change, lol. I know my oldest daughter will put her all into this study. good luck.
Dad & Char