Friday, April 18, 2008

Day 13: TGIF x2!

Yay!!!!!! It's Friday. Light at the end of the tunnel. In some ways I feel like there are dwindling logistical topics to share that would be of interest, so let me tell you a few things about the yoga classes.

First, now, to non-Bikram practitioners (and, maybe some who do) this will seem gross. That's my disclaimer :)

Tree posture comes right after the rough standing series' postures. To me, it's almost a rest in that it's a good posture for me, I do it rather well, can bring both my hands up into namascar and lengthen my spine toward the ceiling and just be still. Everyone's breathing comes back to normal, it quiets down and the room holds a stillness as well - that is, except for the rainforest sound of everyone's sweat pouring down onto soaking towels. Oddly, it sounds really like rain and adds to the peace and quiet of a moment we've all been waiting for. Again, apologies if this sounds gross - but oddly enough, I almost look forward to it. (And, if you're here with me a like it, situate yourself need a bunch of guys, since they naturally sweat more, it's louder and more "rain-like").

Another thing is the now-ubiquitous 32-ounce orange coolers that we all fill with ice. Luke taught tonight's class, which was super athletic and fast-paced. I really enjoyed it - he is a funny guy, and inserts his humor appropriately into the class. He calls out people on their bullshit ("ah, c'mon, you know you have a break after one more posture...put the water down"), and made this funny joke about the orange water jugs being a chorus of maracas (shake shake shake) at every break.

I'm finding class settling in for me. I almost want to go Sunday so as not to lose my stride, but uh, let's not hold our breath on that one. Still, every day is feeling more and more like "normal." I told Christian it's almost like each week here represents a month of practice starting from the beginning. Last week was like my first month of Bikram; this week is like the second month. Things make more sense, you start to feel more confident, etc. I have some goals (like getting off the ice water, reducing my water intake, not resting too long between postures and cheating myself out of the "opportunity" to hold it for the entire intended timeframe, etc.), but I'm easing into it.

This whole thing reminds me a lot of my weight loss - 100 pounds was way too much to think about, as is 9 weeks. So, like then, I took it in increments - weight loss goals around 10-20 pounds at a time; and here, it's really just one week at a time. To think about the whole thing would just be too overwhelming!

Today - logistically - was, gasp! the same as most every other practice; lunch break; lecture (anatomy) and a mini-posture clinic, starting onto half moon backwards & hands to feet; yoga class; dinner break; lecture (anatomy) which ended gloriously early at 10:15! During it, I reviewed some of anatomy for our test Monday and feel pretty confident that I will do fine. I'll review stuff Saturday and Sunday, and then call it good. After that, I had a conversation with Jill that lasted more than 5 minutes, which was nice for a weekday! And, I'm going to go to bed by 11:30; I've been doing great on 7 hours of sleep, which will likely shrink due to posture clinics amping up next week, but for now, I don't want to have much more than that for fear of feeling too tired!

Class #19, Bikram & Dr. T saying their goodbyes; Class #20!!!!!!!!!!!! And a shot of the now-super-busy swimming pool due to the Mexican banking convention. Tropical pretty flowers above.

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