Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 7: One Class, and We're Free Until Monday!

Ahhhh...Saturday. I don't think I've been so in love with a weekend day in an eon. And to that end, I am not going to write a lot - I'm just beat. Maybe tomorrow I'll have more to say...but today looked like this:

Class #10 with Craig, which was really good for me. He is a great, and different teacher from Bikram and Rajashree, the only ones we had all this week. More on that as he will be teaching Saturday classes all 9 weeks.

Lunch buffet
Spa (pedicure, awesome hour nap in the sauna, which I had all to myself!)
One more dip in the ocean and pool
Dinner with Christian, Todd & Jennifer in town (yes, we left the grounds!)

It's so nice here!

More later. Today's photos...
Chunky & Kimi, the resident dogs (you can walk them!); me, Class #10 with giant pile of hot sweaty towels; resident birds; my new toes & dinner overlooking the city.


Julia said...

YAHHH!!! one week down! Enjoy your day off! xoxox Hoolie whoooo

Meg said... made it. One week done. Enjoy some time to get off the grounds and to just be :)

Love you sis!

heidi jo. said...

congrats on the end of your first week! i am obsessed with reading your blog as i have been dreaming about going to training. thanks for the great updates and photos! i shared the photos of the facilities with the teachers here at bikram yoga paradise valley and they are so envious!