Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What to bring!

I feel like the logistics of this thing are even bigger than I thought. I realize the approach of "it'll all be fine. just chill." is reasonable...however, being removed to a foreign land for 9 weeks of intensity and do I daresay, duress, makes one seriously consider the requirements, creature comforts and non-negotiables. With that, I thought I'd post my list and likely adjust/add to this post to help other people going, but also to act as my checklist! For most of you not going to tt, reading on from here will be, well, boring. And it still may be even if you are!

Yoga Stuff:
1 Mat (I gotta new, cool one), My Dialogue (printed and my CD of it in mp3), Yoga Outfits (11 bras, 11 shorts, 11 headbands, hair elastics for pig-tails); yoga mat wipes, 2 small hand towels.

Kitchen Stuff
Appliances (no kitchen, only a fridge): Mini electric kettle, 3-cup (plastic) french press, Magic Bullet (Blender), electric egg cooker (hard/soft boils & poaches); can opener; knife to cut fruit, baby cutting board; small spatula. Small plastic containers for lugging snacks around and storing any food leftovers/or things I make (tuna salad, egg salad...). Sponge for dishes.

Food: Protein Powder & Peanut Butter (morning smoothie/protein drink); Nuts (Tamari Almonds (addiction)); trail mix (one salty/one sweet); mayo, canned tuna, dried cranberries & onions; crackers; 2 cases of Luna Bars; teabags; loose tea/teaball; ground coffee; other "just add hot water!" items - soup packets, oatmeal; salt; sugar; favorite chocolate :)

Regular Clothes:
2 pair of shorts/crop pants, 6-10 t-shirts (1/2 performance, 1/2 casual), 5-8 tank tops/sleeveless shirts (1/2 performance, 1/2 casual); 1 pair of jeans, 2 skirts; 5 long-sleeve shirts (1/2 performance, 1/2 casual); two light jackets; 1 hoodie; 2 bathing suits; 2 bathing suit cover ups; 3 regular bras; 15 undies; 6 little white socks; pajamas (2-3, warm/cold); 2 pair of black socks; flip-flops; pumas; brown sandals; black sandals; shoes for graduation; 2 dresses (graduation/dinner on saturdays?); slippers; non-workout hairbands.


My pillow! Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, soap (bar), shower gel, face wash; lush shower bar); exfoliating gloves, foot scrubber, razor and replacement blades, Make-up (mascara/eyeliner, eyeliner sharpener; lip gloss, eyeshadow, baby perfume); face lotion, powder, body lotion, foot lotion, hand lotion, lip balm, feminine hygiene supplies, tweezers, nail clippers, nail file (emery board); deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss; contacts, contact case, contact cleaner, re-wetting drops; back-up eyeglasses; jewelry (for off-times; NO jewelry at all is allowed during class); hair bands/barrettes; sunblock lotion; hand sanitizer/ antibacterial wipes; sunglasses; sun hat; face care items from julie; blow dryer; curling iron; hair brush; tape measure; laundry bin (or bag); ice bag and heating pad!

Electronics (two 3-prong power strips; 3-prong small extension cord; Macbook, extra battery, charger; Ipod Nano & charger; Iphone & charger; Camera, USB, charger; voice recorder, instructions, AAA batteries; JBC iPod player for room; a few books; office supplies (notebook & pens for notetaking in classes, post-it's, index cards, highlighters, small scissors, paper clips, tape, blank CDs (for sharing files and photos with folks!)); Bikram's 2 books; Acapulco guide book; Spanish phrase book; pics of my honey/family/kittens; ID/Passport/Credit Card/Cash. Eye shade and ear plugs (roommate); Laundry soap & portable clothesline; tide-to-go/oxy-clean stick.

Medication (advil, tylenol, ammodium, nightquil, cold/sinus, benedryl, tums, pepto bismal; nasal spray; cough drops; throat spray); RX's (thyroid, ambien, metrogel, few others); pill box; general "first aid kit" (bandaids, neosporin, hydrocortisone cream, ben-gay); thermometer; bug spray. Portable kleenex (1 or 2); vitamins/supplements.

Did I forget anything??


AmyPinSeattle said...

Some kind of laundry cleaner and rope to hang laundry on...just in case you need to do some sink laundry.

I'd also bring a surge protector extension cord...remember Europe where we needed more plugs than we had and they were in weird places in the room. The surge protector will protect your equipment from any possible power surges.

And finally, what I always forget - nightie, deoderant, and toothbrush/toothpaste!

Juicy Sanchez said...

Definitely pack that journal for notes in class! You'll appreciate having it when Raj is lecturing in week 8 & you want to cross reference what you wrote in anatomy back in week 3. :-) Also, get a cheapo mp3 that lets you record yourself doing dialog- it's an invaluable tool - start recording NOW so you can laugh at yourself later! Dress-up clothes for graduation & parties are a must. And don't forget your bathing suit for studying by the pool & on the beach. Most importantly: bring your sense of humor. :-)

hannahjustbreathe said...

Geez... Intense list. One of my yoga teachers talked about bringing little chairs or extras towels to sit on during lectures. Have you heard that?

Just so you know, Jenn, I'm considering the fall tt, and I am so looking forward to tracking your experience in this blog!

Jenn said...

Oh excellent additions everyone! I've added all of the above, and will continue to adjust the list until the day comes. I just wanted to get the bulk of it out now before it's too crazy!
Thanks all! I'm glad you're a reading :)

Anonymous said...

www.dropps.com - Order these NOW off of Amazon.com - they are pre-measured laundry soap packets, much like you put in the dish washer... Very cool! And easy to pack!