Monday, March 10, 2008


Dialogue! The Dialogue is where I am spending a chunk of today, promising myself to have half-moon (first part) nailed by bedtime tonight. I am down to the last paragraph! The hard thing is all of the "the's" and "your's" that is to say.... "Arms over YOUR head...Interlock THE fingers..." but slowly they're becoming clearer to me and I'm messing them up less.

There are 41 pages of dialogue that fill the 90-minute class which you (technically) are to have memorized PRIOR to training. Most people say they get up to about Triangle, or at least through Eagle...or at least half-moon...or or - I guess it'll just be what it is. Also, the dialogue has an ESL 'flair' to it, shall we say, so some of what you have to say sounds, well, incorrect in terms of grammar (arms always touching with the ears), or is an odd choice of preposition (weight IN the heels, not ON the heels...) or just an odd phrase (open like a flower petal blooming).

Saiko offered to help me and set me a deadline to memorize up to Eagle by the 20th. I work well with a deadline, so I'm glad for it! Also, ck, (my best friend and bikram-training-companion) and I are slated to start spending some time together to go through dialogue with each other. He's investigating options for recording CDs ourselves so we can listen in the car, on the iPod, etc. It's so challenging, but the whole thing is, so I'm setting my intention to believe I am good at this, and I can do it!

Practice Report:
1- 10, 10 being debilitating hard, and 1 being a breeze...

Physically: 4 standing/8 floor
Emotionally: 3 standing/8 floor
Heat Factor: 6

Comments: Yesterday I did 5 p.m. with Saiko (again! :) and ug, what a rough one. I started to feel some, er, intestinal distress in padahastasana right in the beginning; got through standing pretty ok but the floor was brutal. I made it through, but by the end, I felt super sick and later in the evening, had a wicked tummy ache, sore throat beginnings and...well, a bit more intestinal distress. So, today is a day off - still feeling not well, and though Bikram says "you're never too old, too sick..." I disagree today, I'm too sick.

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Marique said...

I just discovered this Bikram blog of yours--so very exciting!

I'm considering going to teacher training in the fall, so you better believe I will be visiting this blog frequently to find out all your thoughts/observations about everything. I can't wait to keep track of your journey. :)