Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No Practice Again Today

Being sick sucks. I've got a wicked cold/flu thing and I'm down for the count. I haven't practiced since my poor performance on Sunday evening, a class I usually adore. Monday seemed smart to take off; Tuesday seemed logical...and today, well, today was non-negotiable. Believe me, there would be no semblance of a silent practice with me in the room hacking and sneezing and blowing my nose!

I added a few links of people who I've found who've got to teacher training, or who blogged their 30-day challenges. I'll keep adding as I find'em.

In other news, I updated my packing list below based on (very much appreciated) comments from everyone; received my new yoga mat (Gaiam's Red Koi Fish Mat), and tried out my new Magic Bullet blender, in an attempt to make a smoothie. It actually came out ok, and there are only about 200,823 recipes in the world for the "perfect smoothie" but I'm working on a formula for maximum bang-for-the-calories while at training. Today's was super simple:

2 tbsp. peanut butter (all natural)
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1/2 banana

It could've used a pinch of salt, truth be told. And I'm reading about people putting Emergen-C packets in, or other electrolyte supplement thingys. One bummer about Mexico is that, well, it's a foreign country - it's not like when training was in LA and you could run to the smoothie shop next door, or scoot to LuLuLemon on the weekend and grab a new top, etc. However, I know Costco's are like any store - they cater to the culture of the area, still, I'm hoping they have Vitamin Water or Gatorade or the like. Some are recommending up to 2x your normal caloric intake for training! This worries me in that one thing seems to be for certain: Mine is not a normal body with a normal metabolism. So, I'll need to figure my balance of "enough" additional calories, and not so many that I come back fatter. Reading Tom's teacher training blog (see link to the right), he lost 15 pounds but reported other people gaining weight due to eating 'for two.' After all I've done to get here, I just don't want to go backwards!

Any suggestions for YOUR perfect smoothie would gladly be accepted! It's like anything, there are so many out there it's hard to really discern the ideal, other than trial and error. So much is personal preference...still, I'd love ideas!

Here's hoping I get to go to yoga again soon, but I want to really be better before I do. No messing around with training on the horizon!


hannahjustbreathe said...

I'm of the mindset that you can practice if you're dealing with a minor cold. In fact, the heat and sweat usually makes me feel better. But, when you're hacking and wheezing and sneezing, then yeah, you should probably steer clear of Bikram's torture chamber.

You'll also have to be careful when do you ease back in, which I'm sure you already know. Those first few classes back after an illness, when your body's dehydrated and out of wack, can be hellacious.

Hope you feel better soon!!

Juicy Sanchez said...

I say rest well now, while you can. When you're sick at training, you'll have to prove it to get out of taking class! Take advantage of your freedom of choice while you still have it.

Also, don't forget you can get stuff you need from teh interwebs and care packages from friends back home. :-)

You're going to do great!

Norah said...

your blog is very inspiring. i am waiting to recover from a sprained wrist and just can't wait until my next Bikram class. the journey you're embarking on is one i will be following, keep up the good work. all the best from Singapore!!!

vegan salad party said...

my perfect smoothie=

1 banana
hemp protein powder
vanilla SILK soy milk
organic chocolate syrup