Thursday, March 20, 2008

Practicing Again

Pneumonia is not fun. I was down for the count for a whole week -- no practices at all. Sunday, I went to Bikram and it was ok; Monday (here I'm 'coming out' as someone who does {gasp!} other yoga) I did Power Vinyasa (also heated...and hard!); Tuesday another mediocre Bikram...and yesterday, I had a banner, lovely, euphoric Bikram class!!!!!!!! I wanted to cry, I was so afraid my love affair was over, that I took off a whole week and now, I'd never find love like that again.

No, I'm not dramatic or extreme at all. Ever.

Anyhow, yesterday was amazing, today, back to mediocre, I had a tummy ache and something in there wasn't quite right, still, though, I had a nice, respectable practice. Now, from here on out, practice will be daily - I'll probably go to a few Power classes just to shake it up while I still can. And of course, outside of that, dialogue dialogue dialogue. I got behind when I was sick (no focus) and then I got an unexpected contract job that is taking up, well, 40 hours of my time each week until I leave. Couldn't pass up the cash, especially with the cost of training...


Tara McMullen said...

Hi Jenn -- We've communicated on the Training Facebook page, so I thought I would swing by your blog and let you know that I'm really enjoying your posts. You also sound *extremely* organized - I'm so impressed that you have the menus already :) Would you mind sending them along to ?

I started my own blog when I decided to attend training. You can check it out if you want - this way we can keep tabs on one another :)

Looking so forward to meeting you - and thanks for all the great tips and info on the Training FB page!

Tara McMullen said...

p.s. glad to see you're feeling better!

Ida said...

Hi Jenn. I'm a Bikram Teacher, and came across your blog somehow (facebook, perhaps?). I first want to say that it is really inspiring to read and see your journey, it's people like you secure for me that I have THE BEST JOB EVER...and you will learn that too!

I get that you have had a big weight loss mission-and well done! I just wanted to send my thoughts regarding your post about eating and calories and that. People have told you to double your calories, and when you get there, they will tell you to eat more than you think you need-but I really think that the important thing is to eat foods that are providing you with maximum nutrients, rather than just calories! (and, I"m sure you already know that).
My thoughts about your smoothie would be to add some green food in there-Spirulina or other green powder that you like (Spirulina is one of the best and easiest protein sources, and is super high in minerals-important for all the sweating). Also, go crazy, add the WHOLE banana! You will need it.

Make sure you have a few "cover ups" for going from room to class every day (sarongs/loose dresses etc).

I was talking with Rajashree last week and she said that they have been "warned" not to wear any jewelry in Acapulco. Not the safest place for your "bling"!

Bring a pillow/lumbar support pillow for sitting.

The staff will have all sorts of electrolyte supplements for dehydration as well (Pedia-lyte, etc)-as well as there is a medical office on-site for other "issues", but good idea to have things you think you will need.

Good luck!! I'm hoping to visit ate least once, I'm looking forward to it!!