Sunday, March 9, 2008

Prepping Prepping

Yesterday I did a bunch of funny little things today - requested menus from the hotel, started my Amazon list, posted a bit on the facebook group that has a whopping 5 of us in it so far, and of course, practiced! Tomorrow is more of the same. And, I think I'm getting a cold. Damn.

Saiko again today, always a lovely class:
1- 10, 10 being debilitating hard, and 1 being a breeze...
Physically: 6.5
Emotionally: 4
Heat Factor: 6
Comments:Good, hard challenging class with a lull around balancing stick and low point during triangle - on the other side of that, I perked up a lot and the rest of class was nice, athletic and effective. Met a girl who just started this week and did 5 classes! She was sweet, we chatted after and I gave her all my new-person-pep-talkin' that I tend to do :)

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