Friday, March 21, 2008

Email #1 From Bikram Training

We got this email today, from Shelly, the administrative coordinator of training. My favorite line is highlighted in green :)!
Hi everyone,
Just a few notes on what to expect at Spring 2008 Teacher Training in Acapulco.
Transportation to the Hotel is available for a charge of $30. Please email Juan Solis; if you need this service.
For anyone who has booked a room and needs a confirmation number, or if you need to book an early arrival: email
Rooms are double occupancy. You have until the 28th March if you would like to request a roommate.
Internet service is available at $50 per month.
Two mini refrigerators are provided in each room.
There is a complimentary Bikram buffet each day during lunch break.
The hotel is offering a laundry service pick-up, $3 per kg. There are also laundry facilities near by the hotel.
Please bring clothing to cover up before and after yoga class. It is not acceptable to walk around the hotel's premises wearing only yoga clothes.
Please bring your own yoga mat. Towels will be provided for yoga class.
It is a simple request. Bikram does not ask much of you during the nine weeks. Please pay him this simple courtesy.
There will be staff available to answer your question when you arrive in Acapulco, so there is no need to respond to this email..
I wish you all a safe trip down to Mexico, and a great experience in the 9 weeks to follow.
In Gratitude of my Life,

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