Saturday, October 11, 2008

Acapulco Day 7: Saturday

Well, Saturday Todd did me the honor of going to morning class with me...most likely because there isn't an afternoon class on Saturday. It was the 3rd class with Marlin for the week, and it was good. The hard thing about Saturday morning is that no one wants to be there. It's the last "i" to dot and "t" to cross for a day and a half of glorious freedom, and it just feels forever (as I remember it). At the same time, once class starts, it's easy to just focus on the fact that in 90 minutes, no one owns you for nearly 48 hours! What joy! Still, Saturday classes bring a combination of frustrated, angry, tired and just plain lame energy.

And, let's couple that vibe in the room with the *wicked* sore throat I awoke with. Oy. I brought a cough drop and drank more water than I even wanted to just to soothe my throat. It was by far my lamest class of the week, but I did it! All 11 classes, which was my goal and commitment to myself in return for the spending of $$ to go. Plus, I must say in the end, a week of doubles felt like pure luxury! It was the only thing I actually *had* to do; normally I ain't got that kinda time, you know? I'm usually running between teaching and clients and my practice and my girlfriend and my friends and my family and and to just have a week to do yoga, help out with posture clinics, and kick it with Todd watching trashy TV and eating pretty decent food, well, I'm feeling grateful!

Another super exciting event was the owner of a local affiliated studio was visiting, and I was able to meet with her and land some classes (finally!!!) at an affiliated studio! I'm really excited and will begin in November, initially plugging gaps in the schedule, and then hopefully getting a few established classes going forward. We'll see how it goes! My next step now is to look at my big picture and perhaps start to limit the number of studios I'm at in the near future, which will also hopefully make room for some of the new kids coming up from training.

Mid-afternoon Christian arrived and had lunch with Todd, and then he and I visited by the pool while Todd continued his quest to beat my score on Wurdle (didn't happen, fyi). Then the three of us went to dinner at our favorite, 100% Natural, which we all agreed tasted far better when we were in training than it did this trip :) Everything is relative, I suppose. From there, we just all headed back to chill out and do a little packing to go home.

At some point I ran into Louis (staffer) who told me that there was ADVANCED CLASS IN THE MORNING! I nearly screeched with joy! I have wanted to do advanced ever since the day after we graduated, when it was offered but I was up from training to drag myself there. I've kicked myself for missing the opportunity for a long time. So, tomorrow, it's my first Advanced Class! Yay!!

Me and Todd after our last class together; Half Tortoise set up; me after class; Todd with his companion, my iPhone, playing Wurdle; Room 712, the room I lived in for 9 weeks in the Spring; Todd & I NOT all sweaty on our way to dinner; Christian being a goofball with his longed-for 100% Natural Pineapple with Camerones!


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