Friday, October 10, 2008

Acapulco Day 6: Friday

Friday already! I'm so sad :( I can't believe my week here is about to come to a close - it went so flippin' fast, I can hardly believe it! Today was really just more of the same. Morning class at 8:30 was pretty damn hot, but I had a decent practice. Marlin taught again, and I liked her class more this time. First time was fine, this time was just better. Then I came back, fetched Todd and we went to lunch before heading to Posture Clinic.

We both participated in Posture Clinic this afternoon - my group finished up Separate Leg Stretching and started Triangle. I again was with Louis who again gave me ample opportunity to participate. We essentially took turns, alternating whoever went up. Both groups I had (ironically) had before, so it was cool to see people developing and getting better at it.

Afternoon class with was with Bikram. I went in and noticed a crazy gap in the room, right in front of the podium. The last night he taught, the second row was sparse and he was like, "What is up in Row 2? Did someone shit there or something!?!" And was not happy. So I asked a staffer if we should have people move up to fill it in, and indeed, he agreed. So Todd and I helped with moving people up and over - this kind of action has really helped me "see it from the other side" as it was not at all a 'power trip' (and hopefully our asking/directing people to move did not make it seem like one). Rather, it was just a respectful (re: wise) thing to do to help ensure a good (mood) class. And in the end, class was a lot of fun - I had a really strong class and it felt great. I even rocked Triangle, which seems like a small miracle these days. It again was pretty sweaty, but Bikram told the class after Pranayama that they'd have the night off if no one sat down, and no one went out of the room....and they did it! So, tonight was a night off - a huge morale boost to say the least. (NOTE: Later, two of the gals I moved who I knew were strong but did *not* want to be moved told me that they had the best class since they started, and being in front of him helped bring out their best. I told them it was proof, that we all get exactly what we need at training!)

Todd and I took out BJ from my studio and her roommate, Cheri. We went to this little Italian place off-site which was perfect - a few minutes away, something different and tasty, but didn't take up too much time since we're all pooped from the week. One more class tomorrow morning, and possibly one on Sunday. It's been really fun to be here, and I'm sad it's over already, but I'm also excited to get back to Jill, my life and teaching and all that!

Todd and I outside after afternoon class - it was already DARK! :( Me, below, after morning practice and my mushroom/truffle oil risotto at dinner. :)

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