Thursday, October 9, 2008

Acapulco Day 5: Thursday

Ahhhh... a day of rest. Sort of.

Today I got up for 8:30 a.m. practice, Todd again opted out :( so off I went on my own. Diane D. from Boston who is an amazing teacher taught. The room is now outfitted with 13 fans and the back doors are opened up around the balancing series and kept open. Today, I didn't get my usual sweat on (my hair wasn't soaked all the way through even) but I did have a really nice practice. There was a new student in the room and I was close by so I got to assist her a little, which was really fun (I realize I've really missed teaching!!) It was a nice class, though my hamstrings are soooooo tight, and for the first time in an eon, I "felt" my hips in fixed firm, which never happens for me. Ouch!).

After lunch, Todd convinced me to stay with him today and hang out at the pool. We first made a quick Wal-Mart run, walking over and then cabbing back with more water and a few other odds and ends. Then a few hours by the pool which frankly, ended way too soon. We were off to 5 p.m. class with Bikram.

What a fun class! Bikram was pretty serious, but for me, I just had a really nice, solid class. He made all the women sit and had all the men do a 3rd set of Balancing Stick, commenting on how this is a terrible posture for men and they can't do it, adding that they can all easily do Rabbit, which many women are terrible at. Thankfully, he did not make all the women do and extra set of Rabbit. :) Todd was along and made fun of me as I had on a new outfit with the tiniest bit of green in the pattern, so he kept telling me I looked like Kermit the Frog and was sure to be called out and sent home. Nice. Afternoon class had a nice heat - hot but not debilitating, but challenging good heat - still with circulation due to the fans and open doors. My hair was appropriately soaked through by the end!

The group is moving along in their process. Way fewer people leaving the room, improved (but still a fair amount sitting cross-legged vs. in Firm pose or savasana) discipline for many when they do take a knee or lay down, and a few still cramping up and/or having very emotional releases who do step out of the room or too the back.

I felt a bit guilty not doing posture clinic today, but it was nice to just do the yoga and enjoy a little of the nice weather! I cannot believe it's already Friday tomorrow, and I'll be doing my last double. I plan to do Saturday morning class, lay by the pool all day and I might even be able to squeeze in a Sunday practice if I'm well-prepared! It's very interesting being here on the 'other side' and it'll be interesting to see how I look back on it and how it impacts my teaching once I'm home. For now, I can say I have a new dedication to Standing Head to Knee and Standing Bow dialogue, after hearing each one about 50 times! :)
Above, a big sweaty post-p.m.-yoga hug with Todd; Katie & BJ from my home studio; Me after morning class with semi-dry hair; Todd and I by the pool; and there are those new, ubiquitous FANS IN THE ROOM!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, what is with the fans in Bikram rooms now?! All the studios I've been to up here in Boston have fans, while my studio in DC definitely did not. Is this a new trend Bikram is supporting?? If so, YESSSSSS!!!!!

Paul said...

The fans are to move the air/circuate it around. There is very little oxygen in there, and the humidity is/was around 95% too.

Oh, and follow my blog now for the training:

Not as detailed as Jen's here (I had her in Posture Clinic on Friday.. she is very knowledgable as a procture, even after only six months of teaching) and a bit tongue-in-cheek to keep people (and myself) smiling.

Hasta luego

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