Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Acapulco Day 4: Wednesday

Wednesday's over already and other than the day I arrived, and 1 hour otherwise, I've barely seen the sun! Today was more of the same - I did the morning class, sans Todd who opted to chill out today...I missed having him there, and instead practiced with Manali. It was taught by Mike W. from Houston, who is Marshall's studio owner. During my training, I wasn't in a good space when he taught and I didn't really connect to his class. However, today, I really, really enjoyed it. I also saw his influence on Marshall and told him that clearly, Marshall is a little protege. :)

Lunch followed with some teachers and then I helped BJ (from the studio I practice at in Fremont) and a few of her pals with dialogue. I showed them a couple techniques - the round robin thing that worked for many (but not all) people; the first word/first letter thing that I did as well as the somewhat different version that Todd did...mostly just giving them a bunch of things to try to see what works, since everyone is different and what works is different for everyone. It's getting to the time when many who memorized at home are 'running out' of postures they know well, so many are having their first difficult delivery since they are entering unchartered waters. I just keep telling them not to worry, they will learn it, it will pour out of their mouth one day, eventually, in the future :)

Posture clinic followed with one of the staffers, Jelena (Yelena). We alternated giving feedback and it was great fun - most of the room was on and finished with their Standing Bow Pulling Pose. It's amazing what you see from the teacher's seat - so much potential masked by nervousness and fear in many cases. I know that was me! I was so nervous almost every time, and afraid of not doing well, and sometimes knowing I went up there ill-prepared, all of it. It's nice being back so soon in that I 'get it' - I feel like it was me up there not 5 minutes ago. Everyone is doing great though, working hard, trying and getting (slogging?) through. You can really see how some of them are going to just be kick ass teachers as soon as they just let go and let themselves come out.

Afternoon practice was taught by Marlin, a very old-school teacher whose been at it since 1985 (when I was in 8th grade!). She taught a relatively low-dialogue class as a result, because she is considered "pre-dialogue" - it was fun and now, the room has been outfitted with (wait for it) FANS along the top of the room, mounted there, 4 on each side and 4 on the back wall. In addition, the back doors are now opened around balancing series and mostly kept open throughout class. Not that I'd compare my training to this one, but man, I must say, there was a moment when I thought "I'd have given my first born for fans like this in my training." They said "Whoever complains that it's too cold will have a make-up." It was surely a different experience than my first few days here, and also in comparison to the Spring training.

Todd and I just hung out for the evening time, had room service and watched some trashy tv. Super fun, I was beat and went to bed around 10 - another luxury I'd have killed for during my training! Bikram apparently lectured until 1 a.m. :)

Above, Todd and I after a windy, fresh afternoon practice; below, me after my lonely morning class; my eggs being cooked up before my eyes; and a little pic from study time on the lawn.

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