Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back In Action!

Oh dear.

That first class back after a long hiatus is not destined to be one's best class, as I was reminded today. At 5 p.m. I threw down my mat for my first Bikram Yoga class in over two weeks - luckily Nina, the first Bikram teacher I ever had, was at the desk. The class was quite full and it was at Sweatbox, not my home studio but one I like a lot. So, class began.

Breathing was fine, warm up, fine. Balancing series...fine. Triangle, could've been better. And once I hit full locust, no pun intended, I crashed. Of course I finished class ok, but I hadn't felt that dizzy/nauseous/blackout feeling in...well, some time. My sweat was sooooo salty too! Now that is something I remember from training, the distinct change in how my sweat went from salty to almost purely tasting like water. (Sorry, is that gross? Oh well.) Anyhow, I'm clearly not hydrated very well, and haven't had a good sweat in a long time.

The upside were that I enjoyed it! My postures looked ok, because of course I feared that I wouldn't be able to execute a single pose to resemble anything correct. Why? I don't know, because I get scared when I step away. In the past, stepping away from exercise usually meant a huge weight gain, and a long hiatus from any sort of healthy living...and a build up of fear around going back. This time, I trusted that wouldn't happen, and I'm trying to bat down any feelings to the contrary as I get back to it.

I certainly feel 'yoga'd' - lots of things hurt that haven't in a while, but in that good, yummy yoga way! More to come. This was only Day 1, after all... :)

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bikramyogachick said...

Welcome back my friend! Glad to see some posts on your blog post training. I also read your weight loss blog, as I am on a similar journey. I am down 10.6 pounds after 5 weeks on Jenny Craig. (as a fellow weight loss person, you know why I added the .6)
I am on day 59 of my 60 day challenge and feel great. You'll be back in the saddle with your incredible strength in no time! You were amazing during training.
I also want to let you know that when I mentioned your blog at my studio the returning trainees all knew about it and some of the students/teachers.
You are a star!

Michelle from Vegas