Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Learning Continues!

So, last night I thought I'd hit a Hot Power Vinyasa class before teaching my Bikram class. Oh dear. Let's just say, it's a reminder of how your body settles in to doing the same thing all the time - no matter how wonderful, juicy, and lovely Bikram is! It was wicked hot for Seattle yesterday, and the room was humid as all get out. I kept up, but felt like a noodle - it caused me some training flashbacks - I was nauseated, I wanted to leave, or lay down, or anything...I just wanted it to end!

That said, I was having fun; I found that I am no doubt stronger than I was before (duh, but still). I tried a slew of postures I hadn't attempted since before training and some I could do some so much better than before I was truly shocked! Others simply hurt a lot less than they used to... It was a great time, despite wiping me out in a whole different way than Bikram does. A few Bikram postures were in the mix and as usual, I felt at home in those...but all those planks, down-dogs, up-dogs, and warriors - fun, weird, and frankly, hard to do all those different things, at least in this body's opinion.

I was wiped, and then I had to teach immediately after, and I found that I had to work sooooo hard to stay engaged, to bring the energy I typically bring to that late-night class (8:15 p.m.) of tired, hungry yogis. Coupled with not really eating anything other then a light lunch at noon and a small mid-afternoon snack at 3 p.m., I decided that I need to plan a little better: Good nourishment is a must before teaching, unless it's 6 a.m. (whereas coffee is then critical :); and practicing just before teaching - at least if it's an unknown quantity like Power - needs to be thought about closely since I won't really know what I'm getting myself into until I'm there (Power is different every time, some harder than others..like last night).

The learning continues! Who knows, if I did it like that every week, it may not be a big deal. But last night, I felt like I wanted a savasana in between postures, too! :) Note to self on that one!

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