Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aren't Rules Made to be Broken?

Well, I've failed already. Ok, not failed in that sense that I, well you know, failed, but I have come up a bit short in my 30-day goal already. This past weekend, we went to Vancouver to see my Bikram pals Niki (who lives there) and Tara (who was visiting from Toronto). Turns out it was Gay Pride weekend, and we were all delighted to see Bikram Yoga Vancouver have a float in the parade! It was a great time, and after, Jill and I did a great yoga class (with a teacher, Roxanna, who was a dialogue machine). All was well, I finished Day 6 when...

We hit the border. And sat and sat. And got home at 6:30 after a zillion hours in the car leaving me with two options: Racing off to a 7 p.m. class across town, or going to 8:15. It had been a long day, so I looked at my schedule and committed to a double this coming Thursday. Fine. I took the night off, guilt-free knowing a plan was in order to make up for it.

The universe provides. At 8:05, my phone rang and it was another Bikram school pal, Roy, who was in Group #14 with me, and who got the "Flower Petal Blooming" award at graduation. He called to say he just blew into town, unexpectedly and had no plans really. So I picked him up and we went to a fantastic dinner, downed a nice bottle of Pinot Noir and then met up this morning at Jill's coffeeshop for coffee. He's looking (possibly) to help move his daughter to Seattle, and I showed him some neighborhoods and brought him some magazines with good info. This is the "friends for life" reference that you hear happens at training - you're just connected in a way that is hard to describe. Anyhow, it was great to see Roy, and I was so happy (in the end) I had opted out of going to class!

Until tonight...that is.

Because my day was full and I planned to go to a 6:30 class on the way home from teaching my 4 p.m. class. After my class, though, I stayed to help sign people in for the next class - slated to be Hot Power Vinyasa (I know, I know....). Well, at 5:58 when the teacher hadn't come and 18 people were waiting on their mats, I just decided to teach...I wasn't sure what else to do. So, I went in and asked them to get their Yoga on, to let go of any attachment to their Power class and please stay and join me for a spirited Bikram class. The only one who left was a girl who'd just taken my 4 p.m. class - everyone else stayed, and all but 2 had done Bikram before. Even though a few scrunched up their faces, they all worked hard and did well! The power teacher showed up at 7:15 - while we were in Half Tortoise - thinking her class was at 7:30. So, in the end, I had no option to go take class as I didn't get home until 8:30 - and the last class here on Tuesdays is at 8:00. Alas.

So now I'm down 2. And going away in a week or so for 5 days...so I'm adjusting to a new goal, for now: Practicing every single day until I go out of town, and re-committing to 30 days right when I get back. I don't really see a need to do 7 doubles to make my original goal.

I want to say though, that it DOES make me go - there were two times last week I soooooo didn't want to go, mostly for logistical reasons - and my commitment to the 30-days got me there, and in each case, I had great, happy practices. Mind over the matter! I definitely turned a corner and am back in love with the yoga after my little break, and loving teaching again, too. Though, a dialogue review is in order, as evidenced the other day by my Vancouver class that was textbook dialogue, I have a few gaps to fill :) Onward!

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